SLEEPING COP (NECCs JP catches Police sleeping Video #1


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33 thoughts on “SLEEPING COP (NECCs JP catches Police sleeping Video #1

  1. I am not a cop and really won't defend them but damn you little rat basturd , wait till you grow up and want to try sleeping on the job sometime , I did it once when I had the flu but was forced to go to work because I was out of sick days .
    some things should be kept secret , this guy is literally not bothering or hurting anyone or anything and someone you know may have just got away with speeding , you need to pick your battles better .

  2. Friend of mine got into trouble for sleeping in his own car he wasn't drunk either and cops told him sleepy in car is illegal and When did law say it's illegal to sleep car ??? Look at that fool pos pig sleeping in car he should be arrested for sleeping too and crooked lawman likes to play bloody money thirsty and violations the law and government needs to cut that stupid illegal sleep in car it all about money money money you wanker pig punk hope that cop is fired too

  3. Who the hell are you to tell dispatch who to dispatch and why??? You demand for state police effective “immediately”?? Please tell me your joking. Then to tell the dispatcher to “Have a nice career”? Wow, you’re an arrogant ass aren’t you?

    Also, are you a doctor? Medic? I didn’t hear the cop slurring his words and acting incoherently. You should check yourself dude, and find your place in the hierarchy of society (hint: don’t look too high). “Have a nice career”.

  4. To begin with, many agencies allow officers to take breaks in the field, so it’s kind of presumptuous to assume he was wrongly sleeping on the job. Secondly, you told the officer you knocked on his window for 5 minutes…I never saw that, that must’ve been conveniently left on the editing room floor. Thirdly, you make reference to the fact that you caught a cop sleeping, and said it was “beautiful”, yet played the concerned citizen when he came to, saying you were making sure he was ok. Check yourself, you’re pretty inconsistent.

  5. Crazy dude. Lucky he didnt come out of it w a violent attitude. Cop was definitely in the wrong.
    I am security not police and this would immediately have them fired. This is completely unacceptable for security how in the world would this be acceptable for police? Id rather someone take their disciplinary actions for not being ready for work, and sending another officer in his place then putting the business people and our company at risk. This guy is putting himself. His city and his department at risk all at once by doing this on the job. Im not saying he doesnt work hard. But id rather be marked for calling in. Vs fired. Killed. Or others killed because i was negligent on the job. The job in which you are supposed to help insure Safety and Security!

  6. You should come record Indiana state troopers I’ve got pics and vids of them sleeping
    Hell I got a video of a trooper watching a tv on his laptop wile sitting in the center of I74

  7. He shouldn't be asleep, but Cops have to work crazy long hours just like anyone else. I would have done the human thing and bought him some coffee. Quit busting balls sjw

  8. I wish you would have put the video camera on him when he woke up. Damm!..Actually the state police should have drug and alcohol tested him. Why did he run? Is he high? Drunk? Under the influence?…If we would have done what he did we would have been arrested!…what a cover up

  9. Who is to say he isn't drunk or on drugs? They sure the hell would hide it. Something not right when a police officer is out cold in his cruiser sleeping out cold….He should have been fired sleeping on the job and should have been drug and alcohol tested too

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