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We check what is inside the 9th “Shield Box” a subscription service that delivers tactical gear for police officers once a month.

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20 thoughts on “Shield Box | VALUE?

  1. Honetly i have been needing/wanting a Surefire X300U for my M9A3 so badly of all things. I mean having that gear is definitely necessary. My brother is NYPD and im a 24 year gov. Contractor who does the same type of work.

    Im most excited about the Surefire gun light, i deploy to do work overseas in various countries so that is a huge leg up for me and i am always down to get my brother some new gear for duty whether its new boots(that he seems to constantly need) a new and improved vest (slits would work better for him) and i will always arm him with a good duty light. I know this stuff is meant for me but i look out for family.
    The gun light is all for me tho, he cant have it.(copied from 5 gear investment video)

    You said to do it this way, right? Cuz that gear is a must

  2. tcole is the Texas Commision of Law Enforcment. i dont understand why someone would ask if you can be a cop with one. a Tcole certificate is a requirement for all of the departments in my area here in central Texas and is normally given to you at the end of the Academy that you go to.

  3. yeah, that box is worth about $15-$25 wholesale.
    A sticker, a wetnap, a powered drink, cheap cheap cheap and a cheap watch.
    Good job trying to sell this tho, I would not have been able to act excited about this stuff for $50 unles they were paying me VERY WELL.

  4. I just can’t get into the subscription box thing. You might get lucky and get one decent thing…..the rest is filler crap.
    I would not be happy spending $50 on some baby-wipes and a Walmart watch.

  5. I would not be happy with that even for $50. I would honestly like to have things that would be happier having something that would actually be useful. Duty gear maybe some some EMR supplies.

  6. Got to tell you I was stunned at the Olight sale where they changed what was on sale at the last moment. Their delayed response to the query I made was somewhat detached from reality. Know you like them, but I'll pass. Streamlite and Maglight are far more professional

  7. I wouldn’t be happy with that box for 50$
    Honestly I would take the gshock over the box watch, I could care less about the wipes baby wipes do the same thing , hats are a dime a dozen and I don’t wear hats enough to justify 25$+ only thing I liked was the zip cuff but I don’t use them anymore

  8. Rockwell lists the watch on their site for $130. Amazon has it for $ 119. Sample comment from Amazon verified user 1.0 out of 5 stars complete garbage

    June 9, 2019

    Color: Black/BlackVerified Purchase

    I’m in law enforcement and was in the market for a new watch and wanted something other than a Gshock that could handle the job. I bought this Rockwell Coliseum watch on 5/28/2019… it’s currently 6/9/2019 and while sticking my hand into a washing machine at home the face hit the edge and ripped the entire watch assembly completely off the strap. This watch is complete garbage and couldn’t handle the daily life task of any person let alone military/LE which it claims it’s suitable for. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS COMPANY

    Average 3 1/2 stars. Lots of complaints about durability. Says its water-resistant to 100 meters. Watch fails at 2 feet underwater.

  9. This trend of [insert marketed target audience] boxes needs to just go away entirely. It’s cheap materials bought in bulk and put together at an inflated price paid for by the ripped off consumer.

    You need a specific piece of gear? Do your research first and then go out and invest in it.

    Stickers, hats, wet wipes and a watch made in China? No thanks. My two cents.

    Thanks for the honest reviews! Enjoy your work!

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