Serial Police Impersonator Interrogated by the Real Police (Part Two)

On September 26, 2019 Jeremy Charles Dewitte sat down with officers of the Orange County Sheriff’s Office for a two-hour-long voluntary interview.

After all, who needs an attorney when the police are questioning you about crimes?

Because the interview is nearly 2.5 hours in total length, it will be presented here in two parts. This is part two.


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Author: rafael.nieves


37 thoughts on “Serial Police Impersonator Interrogated by the Real Police (Part Two)

  1. 56:36 "Before my life changed."
    Translation: Before he got arrested and prosecuted for raping a 15 year-old girl, *with whom he had been living in the same household with and had also been harshly disciplining and grooming for an entire year!
    *according to the (now adult) victim and victim's brother. Her recorded account is available on Real World Police's YouTube channel.

  2. If you listen to his lies regarding the military and being overseas you can hear the difference in his voice and tone long before he "forgot" the name of the "company" that he worked for.

  3. It's amazing how Jeremy can remember and name all the companies that he didn't work for but he can't remember the name of the one company that he did work for overseas.

  4. A person who says "anyways" is likely a narcissist or has a superiority complex or some disorder that deserves a diagnosis. Please don't argue with me lmao!

  5. When he was overseas on His super dipper secret squirrel mission to Egypt do you think that he let the authorities know that he is a registered sex offender and did he register his trip? He was nailed when he went on Dr Phil because he didn’t register he was leaving the state for a few days.

  6. Jeremy needs to spend about a day looking at himself in the mirror instead of pointing his finger at the rest of the world. Everything he has or has happened to him was a choice he has made and he can't believe he's facing consequences and I'm starting to believe that he actually believes that he is some form of cop. This is what makes him really dangerous and is why he needs to serve some time in prison. But I'll give him credit for one choice…his lawyer must be one hell of a lawyer to keep him out of prison as much as he has. Probably has paid for his retirement just from Dewitte.

  7. This dude lies so damn much. He even Lies when he doesn't even have to. And he acts like throwing steel chairs off of balcony on the 6th floor isn't a big deal! And somehow the judges and all his cases and everything always mysteriously get messed up or don't notify him and he acts surprised on everything. It's so frustrating these officers have a lot of patience. The crazy thing is Jeremy is not stupid Auntie could be a wealthy man with his company if you would just stop all the fuckboi shit!! 😂 but no instead he would rather play around in that gray area of carrying a less than lethal gun on a duty belt that looks exactly like a Glock the definition of insanity is doing something over and over expecting a different outcome. I believe Jeremy is intelligent but also is absolutely 100% insane. And can't help himself to stop sinking is company and putting himself in positions that are eventually all going to add up and he's going to do some real time. Once he loses that company and his connections with the funeral homes he's done he's going to end up shooting up the police station or something. God forbid but just watch he's that type of dude

  8. Those funerals must occasionally create more funerals with all the mindless bike riding. It is amazing nobody T- Boned Jez and broke his legs on one of the park ups. What a crack pipe.

  9. That's not me Sarge red and blue I let my 1099s bring their own lights to work as the same of them bringing their own weapons those are his blue and red cop lights

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