Sedan vs. Scooter: The 911 Calls

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This video provides a much more in-depth look into the emergency response to the incident first seen in the May 28, 2019 video titled “Officer medical emergency captured on his own body camera.”

On Tuesday, July 17, 2018, at 1:00 am 19-year-old Jennifer Alejandra Beltran Rojas was riding as passenger on a 50cc [read: slow even with one rider] 2017 Riya scooter in Orlando, Florida when the scooter was struck by the front bumper of a grey Lexus IS250. Both scooter riders were ejected a distance and transported to Orlando Regional Medical Center; the driver of the Lexus declined medical attention. At 9:11 pm Ms. Rojas was pronounced deceased due to severe head trauma. She had been wearing a three-quarter motorcycle helmet with a full-face shield, but its chin strap had not been fastened, and the helmet came off early in the accident sequence.

Gustavo Andres Zarta-Osorio had been married to Ms. Rojas and was in control of the scooter at the time of the accident. In a translated-from-Spanish interview later that day, Zarta-Osorio provided the following (excerpted) information:

He had been at the McDonalds located at 5400 S. Kirkman Road with his wife. When preparing to leave, and while seated on the front seat of the scooter, he turned around to assist her with her helmet, as she was having trouble putting it on due to her hair. After putting her helmet on her head, he turned around and faced forward again. He did not know if she had strapped the helmet on. Zarta-Osorio stated that they had been in the right lane because the scooter doesn’t travel very fast and they would be making a right turn onto Conroy Road.

Zarta-Osorio stated they were traveling less than 50 miles per hour and there wasn’t a lot of traffic. When they were halfway across the bridge, he was knocked off his scooter. He put his hands out so he wouldn’t hit his head. After landing on the ground, he got up and looked for his wife. He found her with bumps and abrasions on her head. And no helmet.


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26 thoughts on “Sedan vs. Scooter: The 911 Calls

  1. I really don't care how this sounds, if you live in America you should be able to speak English basic.Side note who wears a helmet with out doing up the strap, any impact low enough not to throw the helmet won't hurt you anyway.

  2. What’s the name of the man who struck the moped? I hope the law wasn’t thrown at him. Sounds like truly an accident where maybe the moped was more at fault (no lights, stopped on interstate, too slow for two people anyways, etc.). RIP to the deceased.

  3. Many of these scooter riders are the cause of their own accidents. They ride at low speeds on highways they aren't allowed on, wear dark clothing, have no lights, two on a scooter built for one, don't speak English, then you get a 911 dispatcher who is totally out of their depth, hopeless in fact!!

  4. We have contacted an officer and as soon as he finishes his last donut he will be on his way there…don’t worry it shouldn’t take more than a couple of hours unless of course he encounters a speeding motorist and is compelled to give him a ticket!

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