Rapper “XXXTENTACION” commits witness tampering in new jail calls

On October 6, 2016 Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy, better known as the late rapper “XXXTentacion” was arrested on charges of domestic battery. At his bond hearing, Onfroy was advised of his conditions of release. Among the conditions was a no contact order prohibiting Onfroy “from having any direct or indirect contact with [victim Geneva Ayala], including contact in person, in writing, by telephone, through social media (or any other electronic means), or third persons.” Onfroy did not post bond, and if he had, he would not have been released due to a hold from Broward county, where he was charged with Armed Home Invasion and Aggravated Battery with a Firearm. While he was in custody at Metro West Detention Center, Onfroy made many telephone calls, including the following:

October 12, 2016: Onfroy directed Chris Gotay to initiate a three-way phone call with victim Geneva Ayala. Onfroy was unable to speak to Geneva on that call, however later that same day Onfroy successfully engaged in three-way phone call with Ayala, pressuring her to drop the charges.

October 14, 2016: During a three-way phone call, Onfroy told Ayala he would give her $3,000 if she drops the charges. Onfroy apologizes for hitting her.

October 15, 2016: During a three-way phone call, Onfroy again speaks with Ayala. Onfroy tells Ayala that his friends have deposited $5,000 into her GoFundMe account. [Her account would later be shut down when Onfroy’s fans mass-reported the GoFundMe as a scam. It was not a scam. She was trying to raise money for surgery she needed due to Onfroy’s attacks.] Onfroy told Ayala to come to the State Attorney’s Office to drop the charges, and instructs her to tell no one that they spoke.

October 16, 2016: Onfroy spoke with a person he identified as Will. They discuss Ayala and her relationship with a man named Rob. They believe Rob is the one telling Ayala not to drop the charges. Onfroy states “Alright, I got a way to handle this. I’m “bout to call you off a different pin. I’m ’bout to end this once and for all. I got a way to do this, I just need y’all to play along.”

Onfroy also engaged in victim tampering with the victim in his Broward home invasion robbery case, Che Thomas.

On October 11, 2016, Onfroy initiated a phone call with Chris Gotay. Onfroy directed Chris to initiate a three-way phone call with Che Thomas, after which Onfroy offered Thomas $10,000 to sign a non-prosecution affidavit. That same day, Onfroy instructed his friends to meet with Thomas and take him to the Broward State Attorney’s Office to sign a non-prosecution affidavit. Onfroy spoke at length with Thomas and promised him money in exchange for signing a non-prosecution affidavit.

The following day, Gotay initiated a three-way phone call with Thomas in which he instructed Thomas not to show up in court and to not answer phone calls from the State Attorney’s Office.

These are the witness tampering jail calls.




00:00 Intro
00:44 Call with Chris
03:05 Onfroy tries witchcraft
09:27 “This is the plan”
11:50 Che Thomas witness tampering
13:30 “I’mma hit you up as soon as I get out”
16:15 Call with the bondsman
21:38 “Be careful what you say”
24:15 “What is she going to do about the kid?”
31:36 Layla
34:35 “Just make sure you don’t say my real name”
37:47 Onfroy call with Che
45:25 Call with Geneva Ayala

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  1. This kid is dead and has been for some years now. This is classless and just not cool. He wasn’t the greatest in his life but before he died he was trying to make a change and for y’all to post this when he isn’t here to defend himself or respond to it is just classless and just plain ignorant. But I forgot that YouTubers do anything for views, even if it’s posting shit like this when someone is dead and gone. Whoever runs this channel should be ashamed and I hope that nobody does this to someone you might love and cherish. Whether you liked him in life or not is not important, but he has a family and loved ones who shouldn’t have to hear this or see it, especially since he’s passed on. The person or people running this page are likely not even cops to begin with and so this seems to be for views and it’s like you wanna see people talk shit about him and if those were your intentions when posting this then let me be the one to say that this shit is not wavy. Being negative is not wavy. Encouraging negativity is not wavy.

  2. “Darkness, witchcraft, wisdom and the moon. Please come to me. Please Hecate. Please protect me and bring me freedom through this sacrifice.”

    No wonder this dumbass was in the psych unit lol

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