Protect Your School The Caveman Way?

Why didn’t I think of this?
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  1. Mike, real Americans don' want to see your gang colors and insignia on the wall behind you in some of your videos. I don't know where you are a cop, but in some places in America you can be arrested for defacing the American flag by adding a blue line across it. The real American flag not good enough for ya? Respect the law and our citizens rights and we will get along great.

  2. Give the students confetti cannons so when the shooter comes in, they shoot confetti everywhere so the shooter has to go "Wow. I'm so distracted by all this confetti,"

    And then the students all run away and hold hands under a rainbow

  3. Hi Mike, I've discovered your channel a few days ago and can't stop watching 🙂 You've given a lot of sound advice for your fellow citizens regarding moving around with a modern self defense tool, interacting with officers etc. How about a video for those who are legally not allowed to have one, like having committed a felony (maybe out of stupidity, maybe out of negligence or ignorance of the laws – same are really obscure) or – God forbid! – being an ALIEN! I am specifically referring to 18 USC 922 (d)(5)(B). What are the options for such people regarding protecting their lives? Antique firearms? Blades? Or just fists and teeth?

  4. My health teacher had this idea years before this idiot. My teacher should really get the credit for coming up with the idea that a rock can be a weapon!

    He also came up with the catchy name Intruder-rock TM.

    Also, for any idiot out there, my teacher did it as a joke.

  5. Mike look at the realistic aspect, unless the shooting starts inside a classroom filled with youngsters its not going to be a struggle to get everyone with at least one rock in their hand just in case. These kids are cornered or have a long ass hallway to run down to get away, the brave ones can fight close and throw rocks(with proper friendly fire considerations, proper transition to close combat mixed as needed). The bravest who know how to take cover or concealment, know angles they could get shot from, they can be a frustrating target by holding the shooters attention and the strongest will keep fighting even after getting shot using their last bit of adrenaline for survival to fight instead of run. Someone could fake a police response from cover, the shooter will go from massacre innocent people mode to engage threat or run in to a bathroom and blow his brains out. You might call it stupid to rush at a shooter, but not when kids lives are on the line. Every second a shooter is focused on you everyone else gets time to escape or someone use the shooters tunnel vision to get close, put pressure and stress of frustrating target who wants to shoot a bunch of other people but is worried about one who isn't running and trying to get close. Window of opportunity to get seen or shot at accurately. Any bullet not center mass of torso or limbs that doesn't have trajectory angled inwards will be a graze wound at worse chipping down to bone. Of course people will die, even those who try to fight back, not saying anybody is superman. But for those who would fight back regardless of what someone tells them to do, lets at least coordinate and teach them with everybody. Welcome to Earth we cant control everyone. It doesn't matter if its a gun or a mixture of a lot of other equally lethal weapons if used  together.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           I hope these teachers and maybe even school authorities go in depth with this new part of code red procedures, get some police military combat veterans to teach them to spread out, either way its not going to be a civil war battle line of kids nor will it be all of them throwing rocks, they will figure out hazards of arm length if they do rehearsals. Some cant fight even when they need to so there is those people. Also if the shooter goes to the school, its a good deterrent and may reduce possibility of them committing a massacre if they want to be apart of the rock throwing crowd. Kids are programmed to listen though, program them to be American and be ready to fight, program them with good shit, not all the social media engineering bullshit.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Hopefully they are smart enough to spread out around the classroom to divide the fire and attention of shooter out of visual/bullet trajectory angle of any windows or penetrable doors/windows. Mike, go watch some stoning videos, since smartphones hit Arabian peninsula and some parts of Africa there is lots of videos, its very effective and will break bones within one grouping if not kill. Of course some will get shot, its highly possible unless the kids are very coordinated in their range weapon transition to dis-arming in hand to hand, throwing rocks alone isn't enough in tactics. But it will throw a shooters close range area target off a spread out cluster of kids, most likely muzzle going up because its hard to control rifle to fire when rocks are thrown at you and your vision flashes colors if rocks hitting your head at a high rate of throws plus limbs and center mass plus flinch from the ones that miss on top of flinch from firing rifle. Those ESOL classes got 5-20 kids in them(depending on which state you live in), computer classes got 15-50+ kids in a big ass computer lab. 1 rock per person thrown per second vs 5-20 rounds per second. Classes use the library for certain blocks out of the day, big ass room, plenty of concealment, plenty of room to spread out. Lots of books to throw.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Its hard to grow up on Earth but if one of these kids gets shot close range the fighting spirit needs to be programmed into them before hand as part of the indoctrination we Americans face, if one of them gets shot, despite all the pain, they need to be a nuisance, they need to be a frustrating target that wont die or give up. The capable ones will do it in a split second if its them. The longer you stay alive, grab a leg, a shoe lace, keep the shooters attention focused on you, if you can still stand that's even better, grab that firearm and pull, spin, control the shooters aim and firearm anyway you can. If a lone kid can get close to the shooter by not being seen, rush hopefully while shooter has tunnel vision on a hallway or room section. Get them start a struggle for the rifle/other weapon focused on at least pointing muzzle in safest direction away from them, watching for other weapons, if possible dis-arming, once in close combat and the shooter has lost some control of the rifle. Communicate in any way you are in close combat and need help "Help, help, I got the rifle, in close combat, stop! stop! stop!". Teach these kids about adrenaline, their self awareness of it will increase its effect when it kicks in allowing them to fight or run farther to safety if shot and their knowledge of how to keep it running naturally and why on top of preventing bleeding out and treating other wounds like embolisms will keep them and others alive. I don't know why we have all these weapon rules for everyone everyday when all it takes is for one sick person to one day just bring in that prohibited weapon and use it within 1 second of being on the property to use it. 365 days most people follow the pointless rules, one day someone breaks the rule and not a single person has a weapon to defend with while cornered.

  6. What’s the problem. It’s a great idea. It will work just as good as the no Guns allowed signs. Fucking idiots, and this man is in charge of children. Who in the fuck would let there kid go to school here.

  7. Hey Mike I generally like your videos. But I missed the point in this video where the principal said that with these rocks for a replacement for a school resource officer or armed security? My training is a teacher in this regard just that it is a means for students to fight back and possibly prevent further loss of life in an extreme situation. My understanding is that technically speaking fighting back is more likely to get you out alive then huddling in a corner and waiting to be shot. Please correct me if I'm wrong here.

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