5 thoughts on “Postal Union Members Raising Alarms About New Leadership At USPS

  1. Post master cutting cost..?. That's really funny considering the post office can't seem to successfully deliver packages on the budget they have now. . one out of every three packages I order is apparently a problem for the post office to deliver to my house.. that people use this company as an example of American business standard is disgusting.. if the post office in my district were charged with saving the world, we'd all be dead, no questions asked.. it's an embarrassment and the post master here should be fired.. along with the rest of his, her or their staff.. I've filed at least 30 complaints since January and the issues persist.. it's shameful

  2. Mark this down in history: today is one day closer to America privatizing their mail system. Low pay, no pensions, and high delivery costs are the future for us all. This is a sad day for those hard working folks

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