Police Never Know What’s On the Other Side

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A breakdown of a recent officer involved shooting in Baltimore County where a troubled man answers the door.

** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

Author: rafael.nieves


44 thoughts on “Police Never Know What’s On the Other Side

  1. That was impressive. To me, it was challenging to switch from fight to civil affairs ops to combat life saver all from 1 moment to the next. That was very good.

  2. Encore ces policiers parasites corrompus, pourquoi ils ne se pende pas au bout d'une corde, qu'ils aillent se faire shooter à Guanajuato au lieu de casser les couilles aux gens

  3. Had a young deputy scare the shit out of me once. I was in front of my brother's shed stocking a cooler with beer and ice. Someone stepped from around the corner of the shed on the wooded side. (No one ever comes from that side.) Then a voice said, "How are you doing, sir?" Startled, I said, "You scared the shit out of me!" He said, "Sorry about that, but we're looking for 'so and so'. He has a bench warrant. Have you seen him?" That's when I noticed the area was crawling with people from the Sheriff's department. I told him that he missed him by two days and asked if they tried his grandmother's house or his aunt and uncle's house. He said they already checked there. I told him that was the only places I knew to check. I said that if I saw him that I'd tell him it's best to call and straighten things out. I also told him that I'd discretely give them a heads up. This guy wasn't an evil bastard. He would just do stupid shit, get busted, then blow off court dates. Of course the judge is going to issue a bench warrant.

  4. Shit like that is why I never became a cop. I feel much safer as a tree trimmer who works near high voltage lines.

  5. One of these days you should change it up and have a grandma with cookies for everyone behind the door. "It's time to have some milk and cookies motherf****!"

  6. Did 5G roll out in that guy's neighborhood maybe? A friend of mine had her vision go so doubke-visioned and in and out since they turned that crap on, she can no longer drive. Doctors cannot find anything wrong. Me thinks we are going to see a huge rise in this sort of thing in all 5G cities.

  7. Lol we can safely arrest this man without excessive force But can't do a simple traffic stop without shooting or beaten the h*** out of some poor unarmed colored folk dosent make sense to me

  8. That is the creepiest looking human i've ever goddamn seen in my life, he looks like a fucking titan from AOT.

  9. The Mailman has a similar dilemma, I have a mail piece requiring signature so I knock, then step off the porch. I have had idiots open the door and their dog rushes me. Some houses, I don't know if I'm interrupting some illicit activity or what. I've had some houses where the stench about knocks me off the porch… All w/o a taser, gun and always w/o backup. Well, there is the dog spray.

  10. Love how they are all "tough as nails" and the second they get shot they start screaming like little girls. And not the noises everybody would make just because of the pain but this really whiny, high pitched scared little bitch wailing.

  11. Hi Mike I think what you are doing is really awesome people seem to forget that cops are picked from the same group of humans that Manson btk dc sniper come from. I believe most cops are good people but some are not and it's as inappropriate to judge all cops for the few bad as it would be to say Ted Bundy was white so all whites are Ted Bundy . In my experience the police tend to get worse the worse their area is when the places they police have no respect for their communities it really hurts the morale of the police.

  12. Guy was clearly schizophrenic. He said he keeps hearing voices talking to him.
    Still a justified shooting. Their lives were in danger.

  13. I don't know if this is so sad that it's funny or its so funny is sad. It's like one of those comedy skit of a crazy black man but at the same time you know this man needs help and someone almost died if the wrong thing happened

  14. I feel bad for the guy who got shot, it's clear he has some mental issues. I hope he got some help after that ordeal was over.

  15. I think officers usually show more restraint than they should sometimes. Amazing patience. Which usually seems to work fine. they put up with too much stuff before using lethal or nonlethal force. But then again we are not there when things actually go down. Stay safe.

  16. We know cops are not trained to kill officer Mike that's why we the people are pissed off because we know all cops should be like the cops on the video how did that go over your head officer Mike I thought you were cool and really really was down to look at both sides and help us all understand each other but you didn't even take the time out to listen to your own words before you spoke this Time and yes there is I crap load of trigger Happy cops that could do just what I have seen alot of good cops do but they choose not to and that's the problem they don't choose to be like the cops in that video not one cop said shut the fuck up, get the fuck on the ground, put your fucking hand's behind your fucking back or I'll fucking shoot you again…..ect sorry but don't speak to get all of us on your side as your friends and try to slip in a brainwash someone told you to use this panel to do just that but they probably used different words to do so and you fell for it so no these cops are not trained to kill but yet that's what they are doing

  17. There are lots of good cops, but there are also those who are criminals with badges and others who mean well but let subconscious biases cloud their actions.

  18. Mike and law abiding citizens don't know what is on the other side when police officers go to the wrong address and break into said home ( especially at night ) . This is one situation where police should automatically lose their immunity and be considered armed intruders, ie the citizen inside the house should have the legal right for arrests and use of force (up to deadly force if need be ). There have been incidents where not only have police gone to the wrong address but they have trespassed into said property and fatally shot the homeowner or one of it's occupants !

  19. Good end to this story. I will always have the utmost respect for law enforcement, military, and everyone else. There are magical properties to treating people how you wish to be treated… Stay safe Mike and great vid.

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