Police Militarization: SUPER ULTRA RIOT STOPPER 4000


** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

The militarization of police.

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37 thoughts on “Police Militarization: SUPER ULTRA RIOT STOPPER 4000

  1. Uuuh. I gotta veer away from my usual agreement with DO. It's a short video, and he can't provide extensive research on budgets. He provides cherry picked examples. Powerful weapons, in the hands of powerful people tend to be misused. When one district gets expensive stuff, other districts tend to want more and better expensive stuff. We don't have the North Hollywood Shoot-out every weekend. (except in the movies, where most people get their ideas on crime/police work)

  2. Hindsight: police wear the camo because it's cheap bdus from the army navy store that the old guy basically hands out for free since hes on their side, and because the normal tac/swat black uniforms make it harder to distinguish cop from antifa or "peaceful protester" (rioter).

    Simple logic.
    I'm just ready to see the big AASM to roll out and deafen these rioters and give up the mini van approach aimed to put the public opinion at ease. (However good to infiltrate and extract key rioters).
    Me: I see what you did there fed dudes.

  3. I mean I do worry about police militarization but I'm not American, if I was American I'd want those awesome american and Israeli guns so American police probably need to be somewhat militarized because of the population has access to high power weaponry and obviously they need to defend themselves

  4. When Boris Johnson (PM of UK) was mayor of London he purchased a couple of water cannon vehicles but the bleeding hearts stopped him from using them, I have a feeling that they are going to regret their decision in the very near future

  5. After four RCMP constables were gunned down in 2005, the RCMP was promised carbines for patrol officers. Unfortunately they had a controversial use of force incident soon after and the patrol carbine project was shoved to the bottom of the priorities list. Apparently it stayed at the bottom of the list because in 2014 (Yes, 9 years later) the RCMP officers that responded to a call of a man with a rifle and a shotgun were only armed with their sidearms. Five constables were shot, three died. Why does it take tragedy to make change? #MonctonStrong

  6. They should use those big tractors with whirling blades on em that would definitely help with riots also it makes great fertilizer for the plants all those dumb protestors would make great food for the worms and plants 🌱

  7. Off topic…😁 At the end of video, u played transformers song! My autistic son "thinks he's a transformer" lol , He heard the song and would not stop watching the bobcat with riot shield till it transformed into a robot….πŸ•›πŸ•§πŸ•πŸ•œ OMG!!! 🀯 As u know , it never transformed 😳🀣🀣 anyway, thought you might get a laugh out of that. The town we live n has a armored riot truck and all the goodies one would dream about 😁😁 and I love the fact that they could handle any situation that may arise. Thanks for video. B safe

  8. This channel is ridiculous. You Americans are all stuck in your own echo chambers, BOTH LEFT AND RIGHT !!!. First ill tell you im canadian and i own many guns so i can understand when you hear leftists talk about equipment and have no idea what they are talking about it can be annoying but the simple fact is when people get dressed up like military operators they feel like they are at war ( us vs. Them) when they should be looking at people like they are their neighbors. And when you guys say its all rioters thats bull there are lots of videos of police attacking protesters like that 70 yr old man. You guys ( left and right) are tearing your country apart because your fighting with eachother, you should be finding common ground and fighting the corrupt political system that you have or the corrupt bankers or corporations. We also have that problem with corruption, the whole world does. We need to stop fighting among ourselves and fight the corrupt systems. When you hear the saying " divide and conquer " thats whats happening. All the power brokers are laughing at everyone cause no one is looking at them.

  9. Rick Gore had some good thoughts on this. I tend to agree with him as his reasons are better then we'll one time this happened so we all need it. But just one mans oppinion.

  10. I heard from a friend of a friend
    That the best way to do things is to purposely incite civil unrest
    Maybe scan a hand full of r.f.i.d. chips n get everyone all pissy and tripped out then realy rally them up like a bee hive on a special x files brand name of paranoia and unsunny disposition.

    Then use the unrest as an excuse for a final solution to that division of that regions population whilst taking over the town with a group of well organized cut throats the cops will be plenty buisy with all the b.s. to know what to do at all

    Then rinse and repeat in another region

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