12 thoughts on “Philadelphia Police Staff Inspector Turns Self In On Charges Of Assaulting Protester With Baton

  1. Get this trash off the police force and charge him already. Just because he has a badge, does not give him the right to bash people over the head with metal baton. Give an animal like this a weapon, and it thinks it can do anything. If a citizen did that to a law enforcement officer, he'd have been jumped, handcuffed, charged, and lock up in a heartbeat…. but these aholes with badges think they are above the law. Cops are forgetting they are supposed to serve and protect the public at large, and NOT act like animals with impunity.

  2. Seriously people. The dude try to break them apart, so that justified him get hit in upper body with a baton. It seem like the cop was feed up in controlling them so the last resort is to go Mayham on your ass.

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