10 thoughts on “Philadelphia Police: 200 People Arrested, High-Powered Weapons Seized In North Philadelphia Drug Bus

  1. I live at E and Allegheny Ave. right in the center of everything and that didn't even make a dent in the game. They were outside serving people 2 hours afterwards. It never did, does or will make a difference because there's always people out there willing to take there place and the real people that are supplying all the drugs and guns would never get caught because it's are own government agencies like the C.I.A. that bring the drugs in for a few reasons one is so we can kill are self's and each other and bring down the property value of the houses in the neighborhood and then buy cheap and then clean up that area and rebuild with really nice and expensive homes and apartment buildings. Then the drugs move to a different place and they repeat the process all over again. Everyone is crooked and corrupt. It's simple, it's always all about the 💵 Benjamins Baby !!!

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