7 thoughts on “Philadelphia On Track To Enter Green Phase Of Pennsylvania’s Reopening Plan On July 3

  1. Leftist leadership continues! What happened to flattening the curve? Two weeks has morphed into 3 plus months.If Dem governors didn’t send positive Covid patients into nursing homes 80% of deaths could have been prevented.

  2. Ooooh nowwww REOPEN!!??? Meanwhile people have NO businesses to REOPEN!!!! This PATHETIC mayor needs to go!!!! People were allowed to DESTROY OUR CITY!!!! And Kenney sat back and let it all happen!!! And is still allowing it!!!! I can't wait for re-election comes!!!! Kenney is a SHEEP!!! Not a LEADER!!! I hope a Republican runs for mayor!!! This would have NEVER been going on if the mayor was a Republican!!! Kenney made us have to PROTECT OURSELVES!!!! What a piece of TRASH!!!

  3. Lehigh and Northampton better be announced tomorrow to reopen june 26th. We've been in yellow for 2 weeks and the hospitals are stable and are averages have been in the low teens. Don't pull that bull shit where we wait for Philadelphia and everyone else to reopen on july 3rd. Don't make us suffer bc Philadelphia can't listen.

  4. I love how all the rioters and looters practice social everyone had their mask on as they carried out their 65 inch TVand mayor wolf or Governor Wolf the idiot marching with the protesters who were literally arm and arm how much of this is b***** just trying to affect the election left-wing terrorist would never do that

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