40 thoughts on “Philadelphia Officials Considering Removing Christopher Columbus Statue

  1. But wait a minute are you the same idiots that want to defund the police and leave American history alone if you don't like this country move the f*** out

  2. Wasn't Leif Erickson the first European to step foot onto continental North America? He beat Columbus by like 400 years. What if we simply replace the Columbus statue with Leif Erickson? Nobody gets offended. Problem solved.

  3. Where does it end? Are we going to burn down City Hall, Betsy Ross' House, the Liberty Bell? Maybe we should start burning down museums, libraries and all historical places and sites. Let's get rid of National Holidays any anything else that triggers the ignorant crazies. You have to stop surrendering to the Mob. Freaking grow a pair!

  4. Why are so many people up sad in the comment section that Christopher Columbus statue is going to be remove?

    You guys should be celebrating!

    Christopher Columbus is a tyrant to the Spanish colony in the Caribbean and to the native people.

  5. Columbus discover America because God leaded him in those days everyone thought the earth was different, Columbus read the Bible because he was a Jew Italian. God shows wonderful things to people who seek after him and change history.

  6. This protester do not deserve called Americans, maybe they aren't Americans. Columbus is part time of America ca history I am not from USA but I am from America continent and I love Christopher Columbus there are great history of him.
    We are watching what is gong withbUSA what are you waiting for. I think the authority need to put order. My country is better behavior compared with those crazy people. Looks drogadict.

  7. He is the Embodiment of Exploration and Adventure into the unknown. It can be an unnerving thing, but a Man from Italy stepped up and did it. He was a Pioneer. He also was no Saint. He was part of the Human Condition and should be remembered. In Marconi and elsewhere.

  8. Lol good job south Philly they wanted yal to act stupid and y'all fall for it will bye bye 👋 to the statue lol y'all really failed heritage of what? …. What about the native Americans . Just asking

  9. What we are witnessing here is the beast system manifesting before our very eyes. When a nation that once knew God turns away from Him He gives them over to a reprobate mind. The entire world is going crazy. They don't know God and don't believe in Him or our Savior, Jesus Christ. Get to know Him and our Savior or you will fall hook, line, and sinker to the beast system and the very soon emergence of the Anti-Christ! Wake Up, our time is short……..Book it and Lock it!!!

  10. Taliban. They destroyed statues in Afghanistan. The historic Buddhas of Bamyan. Why do these activists bring only destruction? The looting and burning are bad enough. Some people are filled with so much rage they simply cannot have nice things, and cannot tolerate anyone else having nice things either. Sad.

  11. Leave the Statues alone. These stupid people are about just vandalizing things.
    America itself was discovered and named after himself: Amerigo Vespucci.
    There are more protecting the statues than the nut cases trying to get rid of it.
    Why are we questioning the protectors? This is noble.
    I hope Donald Trump puts all the statues back when he is re-elected.


  12. Absolutely what does a "GREAT POLITICAL ENGINE DO" It kowtow's to the "MOB"….Good for you…When is this going to stop when there is no more Capitols in a State. When there is no more White house in DC, when theres no more Government Local, City, State nor Federal. When there is no one but the MOB policing the streets. When the MOB BOSS becomes Judge, Jury and Executioner. When there is no Law at all and we are all at the mercy of the MOB…..What are we all living in "MAD MAX AND THE THUNDER DOME"…..

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