13 thoughts on “Philadelphia Officials Apologize For Using Tear Gas On Nonviolent Protesters

  1. Teargas was to lenient , they should have gotten real gas. ..Take it to Kenny too !
    I blame him for the debacle of the police not showing up on that first day a Saturday in May when Chestnut and walnut was destroyed.
    – Liberal Progressive Kenny –

  2. Why do we need to hear from the unions?, who are they anyway?, a private orginization with way too much influence for the good of the citizens.

  3. What the hell were the "protesters" doing on the expressway? Am I the only person on Earth who realizes that that's dangerous?
    And in general, if you're willing to risk getting run over for your "cause", don't complain about being tear-gassed, that's just ignorant.

  4. The dismantlement of the racist statue of Frank Rizzo in public view is fair warning to protectionist FOP and rogue policing in this city. Peaceful protesting is a constitutional patriotic right.

  5. Yes, they apologize to the rioters, while arresting people who were defending themselves from the rioters.

    There's a blue flu coming across the nation soon.

  6. If they can’t use tear gas, can’t use batons, can’t use strikes or kicks, and can’t use any force whatsoever, then how are they suppose to deal with violent rioters? These are not “peaceful protesters” and the entire country sees that. Thanks to these rioters and the lying media, Trump is ensured another 4 years in Office. Thanks!

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