23 thoughts on “Philadelphia Inquirier Under Fire By Employees For Publishing ‘Buildings Matter, Too’ Headline

  1. This is pure PC nonsense. The coffee company could easily have solved their problem by making a policy for BOTH police officers AND protest leaders – instead of insulting the police alone.

  2. What an absolute disgrace. The situation with DiBruno brothers reversing course, caving, and then fucking APOLOGIZING to the twitter mob for merely offering to feed city cops is one of the most embarrassing and shameful things I’ve seen in my 60 years in the city I call home. Nothing but a bunch of spineless cowards to fold to the pressure of these “protesters” who are nothing more than violent domestic terrorists. I’ll never set foot in that restaurant again.

  3. So much for the 1st amendment Black-Blue -brown -yellow -white lives matter and so do the buildings that feed families and are part of history . The letter written by the simpleton states there is only one side . Never there are at least 3 sides mine-yours and the truth any one who does not understand this should not work in communications an d until we realize all sides are part of the problem we will never fix the problem .

  4. The Inquirer is under fire just for saying buildings matter too? Hey Black owned business had their buildings destroyed so what the hell is this BS about insensitive to diversity. ?

  5. Notice the news anchor says "Some businesses are having difficulty understanding the unrest". Who the hell wants CBS to editorialize against the police on a newscast. And DiBruno Brothers folded and apologized. 😡

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