28 thoughts on “Philadelphia In Critical Condition After Second Day Of Violent Protests, Looting

  1. if the police want this to stop killing black people the police haven't learned from the Freddy Grey deal or the Rodney King the police haven't learned from the past and keep repeating it

  2. Make these idiots there own country, give them California. Relocate the citizens as need, then they can enjoy open boarders with Mexico, they would have no more racism, voter interference or oppression. Let them start off with all that is on California and build there own country. Totally separate them from the US and the US government, they want equal rights and income, they can disperse there funds as they see fit. But it will not work with out our tax money, they not going yo work. The WORKING people in this country will not be able to afford all the debt and economic turn down from the pandemic and this Coontracted rioting brought to you by Antifa and the Democratic Party!

  3. Shut up and keep paying me my "ENTITLEMENTS", stop watching these videos and promoting them before you are discouraged from working longer hours, paying higher taxes while I just spend money. Stop spending time with your family,children, hobbies and interests of your own. Y'all are being selfish with your earnings knowing i do not have a job and that i am not going to work!!! Pay your taxes!

  4. I moved from Philly to Costa Rica six years ago. I am sitting on the beach in Costa Rica and drinking a mojito. Watching this, makes my decision to get out of Philly, a wise decision! In all honesty, the biggest looters are the Federal Reserve Bank, politicians, banks, corporations and the 1%.

  5. Maybe a mandated CHAZ in Philadelphia needs to be instituted. Or maybe Philadelphia itself should be the next CHAZ. Everyone move out and give it to them. Build a wall around it and police it 24/7 with heavily armed police. I mean HEAVILY armed………..

  6. Just imagine what these Blacks would have to complain about if they lived in Africa , firstly they would be bitching about not being able to eat , and that's just the start .

  7. But these are just objects and many Democrats and celebrities have argued are both inconsequential and even necessary. Objects weren’t looted, but commerce, jobs; paychecks. You say well these aren’t good paychecks, well, businesses are bankrupt; chains close down. Areas that were nice aren’t rebuilt. The problem expands to real estate, finance, and on and on.

    The economy has shrunk due to Covid; much to most of this isn’t coming back. We are entering a huge recession here. Genius thinking with looting and sanctioned lawlessness during a delicate period in the economic cycle.

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