Pennsylvania Officials Hold Daily Coronavirus Briefing On Wednesday, June 3


** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

Health Secretary Dr. Rachel Levine provided an update on the commonwealth’s response.

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23 thoughts on “Pennsylvania Officials Hold Daily Coronavirus Briefing On Wednesday, June 3

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  3. If they came out with a vaccine the more nobody would take it unless you’re definitely sick nobody in Pennsylvania right now is in hospitals there’s plenty of beds there’s plenty of availability open the business is wolf yours is open you’re a jerk off and you’re selfish

  4. The governor needs to step down he’s not doing his job he needs to open his business is up we’re clearly below the curve now. He’s hiding he’s not even showing his face

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  6. The Frankenfemale speaks. This Person is a murderer. This person allowed Covid19 patients back into Nursing Homes, while removing it's own Mother to a safe place. Stick your Contact Tracing and stick your vaccines where the sun don't shine! My daughter is a hostage in a State Run Facility who has been neglected, due to staff shortages and other issues. Worst human being on earth!

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