25 thoughts on “Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf Endorses Joe Biden For President

  1. wow, look at his face ,he looked like he was going to die right there on the spot. he looks like he is just lost. I thought he would do a nose dive at any second.

  2. Both these guys are worthless . Wolf is a power hungry scum bag who kept his business open and still has everyone shut down . It's bullshit. vote for that. No no no to Joe Joe joe

  3. Idiots . Biden is a fraud and a thief , a liar and wants to be president so he can pressure countries into side deals . Just like him and his son im Ukraine . Anyone that thinks this guy would lead our country is a complete moron

  4. Where's that diarrhea shit he ripped in his pants? How convenient editing that part out. If he can't even hold his bowels, how do you expect him to hold the country together?

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