8 thoughts on “Peaceful Protests In Ocean City Tuesday

  1. 49 shot in chicago over memorial day weekend..10 died..nobody said nothing..1003 shot this year in that one democrat city……loads died..nobody said nothing..not happy mr floyd died……he working security at a night club..when not doing that..a po rn start..the habibeshow is the name of the site….he did PO RN…….nobody noticed..media never said a word…does that make it ok some cop put is knee on his neck????NO WAY..odd it happened.Im a very grown man,I wont allow another man to do that to me..try me,Ill show you,it wont end well for you even if Im hand cuffed,you wont like how it goes for you.I dont need arms to beat your freaking brains out…..tie them behind my back and try me…I dare you…all this is….BULL SHIT.

  2. This is stupid! When do they admit that they are protesting because of that mans death. This is the fustration from the virus and people now have a way to vent. This is stupid.

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