14 thoughts on “Peaceful George Floyd Protest Planned For Fishtown

  1. This is the result of a pathetic group of people who make excuses when their own children fail in life. They drag all they can down with them. Their cultural and parental failures are on full display for the world to see. The media calls them victimd..but we live with them day in and day out. These are products of failure and we suffer while they are around

  2. We truly don't care and wish all you people would go away. Your a curse to any city Your in. You disgraced George Floyd. His is now a symbol of disaster and racial hate from blacks towards whites

  3. This is like the one neighborhood in the country where the local guys banded together to peacefully defend themselves. Now a protest spontaneously “pops up” there… bet you the media will report they were “attacked by racists”

  4. Why are these so called Protesters, protesting in White Neighborhoods, instead of protesting at City Hall, where the Politicians work? It is the Mayor who is in charge of the Police. This is where there voices need to be heard. Instead, they enter predominantly White residential areas. It looks to me, that they are doing nothing but inciting a Race War, which is is ultimate goal of Antifa, BLM and the DNC. Stay out of all Residential Neighborhoods and vent your frustrations on the People in charge of change.

  5. The guys with bats turned them away no bricks needed there it was just a matter of time before the rioters not protesters the rioters pissed off the store owners and now it’s on they are finally protecting them self’s as I say one rioter gets a beat down all the other rioters will think twice about going there

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