Paranoid Schizophrenia vs. Fullerton Police

FULLERTON, CALIFORNIA — On July 8, 2017 at approximately 2055 hours, Officers Brayley, Green, and Ryu of the Fullerton, California Police Department responded to a radio call for a disturbance. A man was repeatedly lighting his stove on fire with lighter fluid, and had been threatening his roommate to continue. Reports indicated that that the man had not been taking his prescribed psychiatric medications for paranoid schizophrenia.

The subject was contacted shortly after officers arrived on scene, however he refused to sit and would not allow the officers to conduct a pat-down of his person for weapons.

Return to center infinity!

The subject’s mother witnessed the ensuing use of force, which included multiple Tasers, baton strikes, and hands-on pain compliance. Her comments about the officers can be heard in an interview at the end of this video.

Nearly all of the blurring in this video was added by the Fullerton Police Department. The only exception being the subject’s butt, which was visible after he somehow got his pants tased off.

*In trying to figure out what the guy what saying I ran an informal poll of a dozen people. The results were evenly split between “Return to sender infinity!” and “Return to center infinity!” Frankly, the tie-breaking vote was cast in favor of the version that sounded more awesome.


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Author: rafael.nieves


48 thoughts on “Paranoid Schizophrenia vs. Fullerton Police

  1. This guy is absolutly right – a little strange maybe – but he dont have to comply with that bs. When the police talked to his mother the second time (about min 18:20), she sad "he assaulted me" – that changed everything

  2. Wow this guy is strong and these poor Gus tried everything that they could to de-escalate the situation. That poor mom who was assaulted by him, he heart must be broken to see her son like that.

  3. I had a guy like this on the train tell me about how her worked for the Cia and Pablo Escobar, and he traveled in nice cars all over the world, and he had undercover deals in Florida…… I just sat and listened to him until it was time to get off the train. it was the longest conversation I ever had without reciprocating.

  4. Honestly, I'm uncomfortable with the idea that police can just walk up to someone and demand to frisk them for weapons when there's really no indication of a danger.

    "I have rights."
    "No you don't."

    I'm sorry, what?

  5. I worked at a state institution in the mid-nineties when people like this were turned out into group homes to save the state money. They were "programmed" to learn independent living skills. Most did not want to leave, the institution was the only "home" they knew. This included the criminal sex predators that now live in your neighborhoods. I fail to see how any of it "saved" the state money.

  6. Honestly not a whole lot of police videos make me tear up. But this one did. I feel so bad for that poor man. To be caught in that mind must be terrifying. That being said the officers were left with little option on how to handle this without force. Hats off to them.

  7. this should not be handled by police at all .. this is wrong, because you made everything worse. I dont understand how its handled like that with the prior information of him being mentally unfit. Just wrong.

  8. The first two were doing good until baldie came over to tell him where the bear shits in the woods in that famous I am a god with a badge and you will listen to me attatude. He surely is in need of training on how to deal with the mentally ill or get better with that baton he was wailing.

  9. Am I the only one who thinks he's making sense and in control of his thoughts? He doesn't want to be pushed around by cops and he wants them to stand down with their authoritarian attitudes.

  10. Playing hardball with a guy who doesn't even know there's game going on obviously isn't going to work. There needs to be a different approach beyond the standard "do as I say, or you'll be arrested". The results were predictable and completely avoidable.

  11. OK, Now, I am loving these episodes!!! I use to watch LIVE PD every Friday and Saturday night.I'd bring all my ventilator equipment in the living room, and I'd watch it for the whole three hours, then roll my ventilator back into my room! I LOVED LIVE PD!! I'm so glad that we have this now!!! To the Producers!! THANK YOU!!!!!!

  12. They could've just let him stand once the extra cops arrived… The first cop said he couldn't investigate because he couldn't leave his partner alone with the guy. Extra patrols arrived. He could've easily let them stand with the guy. He's clearly not all there and just wanted his smoke. This turned into a show of power unnecessarily. Poor guy, hope he gets the help he needs.

  13. Why do the police escalate every situation? Can’t he sit and smoke while they look at the stove? They insist he sit where they chose and the stove seems to be the most important thing to them. This man isn’t stable and they keep harassing him over a freaking stove.

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  15. threats of arrest, provocation and violence dont help a schizophrenic. It only makes things worse. Cops are hammers not mental health professionals. This poor guy ended up nailed on the pavement when the backup hammers arrived.

  16. Good job idiots. You knew he had mental issues, but you had to beat him anyway. WTF. ALL because you wanted him to sit like a dog where YOU wanted. You could have and should have allowed him to sit and smoke, knowing that would keep him calm during your "investigation", of a stove, of all things. He didnt pose a threat to you. Its shit like this that showcases just how unprepared cops are. These 2 boneheads look like they're fresh out of the academy. They escalated this, well, they actually created this situation. You cannot treat someone with this sort of illness like you would a rational person. They both need to return to center.

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