NYPD Transit District 2 Officers Brutalize Man At Whitehall Subway Station In Manhattan


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Incident Date: 02-17-21

There should be no reason why this #NYPD Transit District 2 Officer is punching this old man with a closed fist, especially when you have 4 officers…So you are saying that 4 officers cannot effect a legit arrest without assaulting a old man? This is by pure definition Police Brutality, these officers are trained to apprehend suspects without punching the shit out of them, if 4 officers cannot effect a legit arrest on a old man without beating him, then they need to be FIRED PERIOD….The Officer seen assaulting this old man needs to be fired & arrested for assault. #copwatch #copwatchers #mta #nycsubway

Author: puertoblack2003

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