NYPD Buckets O’ Water

Mike and His Buddy James the Thinking Contractor talk about the recent situation in New york City where Police officers had buckets of water dumped on them after arresting someone. Mike brings wisdom to the table and James brings nothing…

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47 thoughts on “NYPD Buckets O’ Water

  1. Listen up neighbor I'm the fly one neighbor…
    I know we cool now but you'll say your my victim later.
    Lie to the cops and lie in court,
    but I'm not really the lowlife criminal sort..

    I'm not the one who shot Dillon Taylor, I never killed him in that parking lot,
    Dillon Taylor is not my victim, go take that up with your loving cops

  2. if I were a cop and someone did that to me I would have definitely arrested them, in a rather violently. as a regular citizen if someone did that to me, never know, never know, I would rather not go down that road. which is why I dont go outside

  3. Why do "cops" support VICTIMLESS CRIMES????  Do you cowards understand that you are the enemy of freedom?  Why do you worship satan?   Why do you violate your Constitutional oath??? Why cant you answer these questions?

  4. The actions of u and your fellow officers have created this attitude of having zero respect for law enforcement. Until you all realize that you guys are a major part of the problem this will continue and will probably see alot more of it.

  5. If it was the 1970s when my Dad was on the job in NYC those fuckers would have disappeared a few weeks later and maybe they would have found their bodies in the East River in one piece, by the fall, maybe!

  6. My first reaction was to ask what illegal stuff are the police into to make the area throw water on them? What message is that sending to the police about their activity in the area?

    To protect and serve used to be the moto now it is lie, cheat, steal, and or kill What ever gets them the promotion and or paid time off. Police are not there to protect the individual no matter what the situation is, they used to uphold or protect the society in general but that is no longer the case. Now they are there to lie to arrest you, steal your stuff once arrested. Cheat you out of your freedom or kill you if you try to fight back against their corruption.

  7. They are black. They have no understanding of how their actions impact others and the society around them. It's not their fault, they literally just don't have the ability to. Yes, it's an uncomfortable topic, but how many times are we going to put up with the constant whining, welfare draining, insane crime rates, etc. before we grow some spines and at least start the conversation?

  8. Hey @Mike the cop! I hope you read this! Check out the movie "The Great Hack" on Netflix! They show evidence of the Russian government making up the Black Lives Matter, and the Blue Lives Matter campaigns! So apparently the Russian goverment are partly responsible for a lot of the anti cop mentality you guys experience!!!

  9. Dude in the black diamond hat and timberland shirt is on point. No respect for the rule of law makes for a shitty place to live. And its as simple as waiting at a red light when you know you can make it. And living in a shitty place makes people respect law less, and the cycle goes on. Till you got cops trying to arrest someone and get assaulted. You wanna know a level of suck, jump in freezing water and try to stay in. Next level do it in cotton clothes, then get out in sub freezing temps and start running. Wet clothes fucking suck, especially if you have no idea what liquid state material was put on you.

  10. How would you like to get a bucket of water dumped on you at work? I'd be pissed if I had to work the rest of the day soaking wet. Funny thing is all these people disrespecting the police like that, police would still rush into that neighborhood if someones life was in danger and save their disrespectful asses. Sad that this is acceptable behavior to some people.

  11. I understand what you're saying Mike, about arresting the person at the time. But not sure if you were aware both those cops are few weeks out of academy and were definitely out numbered. If they tried to arrest it would not have ended well for them. in my opinion.

  12. Here in NC we have a charge we refer to as RDO. Resist Delay or Obstruct. It basically covers any of the three. These people are definitely obstructing and delaying the officers in doing their job.

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