34 thoughts on “New Jersey Corrections Officer Suspended After Mocking George Floyd’s Death At Black Lives Matter Ra

  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=915NLZEN38o

    How is it a man can kneel on a hog tied 3yo child thats crying and legs held down by another and not a single media will mention it?Why is it the trump supporter kneeling on his friend makes breaking news but not a peep when done to a child whos crying and tied?

    Im 100% against what these men did but i have to expose the media on this bias…

  2. I want to break my phone or TV every time I hear the commercial… say it! Say his name! George Floyd! George Floyd was a drug addict, womanizer and made low budget porn. Should the officer who kept his knee and full body weight on a man WHO WAS HANDCUFFED! Fuck no! I was a correctional officer and your trained to use only the level of force necessary to handcuff the suspect. Then you do what 98.9 percent of officers do. You put him on a curb sitting or in the back of a cruiser. Our police officers, Military, firefighters,and first responders and or any citizen who puts his or her life in jeopardy to save another. That’s a hero! Don’t PROFILE every officer as a racist just like minorities don’t want to be profiled. God Bless America and all people regardless of skin color.

  3. Well, I guess the meat head trump is gonna say: He wasn't mocking anyone, he was just honoring George Floyd! What can I say? This is the clown who people voted into office! Good job people!

  4. I was a N.J. state corrections officer. And I personally saw certain officers mistreat certain inmates. The attitude of this guy is shared by many like minded officers. In the prisons they physically abuse certain inmates not based on their crimes but based on who they are . But always when the inmate is handcuffed, and when the like minded officers outnumber the inmate. NEVER one on one. These guys are scum, they're cowards. Period.

  5. Just unbelievable. Alot of bad cops but there are alot of good ones that are going to pay the price because of this white supremacist. There's Trump's supporters people! Time and time again proving how evil they are.

  6. These so called protestors preach unity, but then get mad when you say all lives matter.

    They just want all whites to bend the knee, which this guy was clearly doing.

  7. The military has pulled all of Trump's teeth. Now he is only a toothless paper tiger.

    Lock Him Up!!! And all those in his swamp too.

  8. So many racist trump supporters have lost their jobs in the past month for being racist yet they continue to act so brazenly in public as if they aren't being recorded. So strange.

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