23 thoughts on “NEW! Four Encounters In One Video – Las Vegas and North Las Vegas

  1. 1:10 Copy, paste google search-The Koper Curve, emanating from the Minneapolis Hot Spots Policing experiment and tested in Sacramento, suggests that random 10-15 minute patrols at least every two hours in hot spots optimized deterrence

  2. This cop seems to be decent…alone..he wasn't on a run and he seemed to be a fair no nonsense guy. But he's an officer and he's right his buddy's have tarnished his badge so it really wouldn't matter if he was a saint. It would take years of them all being saints to help heal the divide
    Im sure they've been warned not to speak on the matter. He's been informed.

  3. FBI numbers for 2019 : 46 officers killed by violence, 58 killed by vehicle accidents, generally caused by the officers, civilians killed by the police: 1009. In 2020: officers killed up by less than 10, hardly the increase in officer danger they claim though we don't want any killed, just prosecuted,, civilians killed by police almost 1000. So who's safety is by far most in danger? The armed officers or usually unarmed civilians?

  4. All these ppl that getting killed by cops and citizens want you to stop videoing them! They have to be half baked or brainwashed! Thats evidence for you. Ppl cameras are for.your protection!

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