30 thoughts on “National Guard Brought Into Philadelphia To Help Protect Landmarks

  1. Bro hear me out hear me ok am black am black but i do not protest to stop this the national guard love you guys but just bring in some marines give us two weeks that's all

  2. It’s time to take down everything at Martin Luther King Martin Luther King Junior in a black figure it’s time to take down the street names of any black figures

  3. 1:04 when your deployed in states which isn't considered a deployment but u slap U.S. army on your shoulder to make it feel like you actually deployed so you can feel better

    Edit: to those that don't know, its out of regs to have US Army slapped on the right should side under the flag. Thats only for unit patches you deployed with.

    His battle buddy probably slapped it on without noticing lel

  4. i think floyd didn't want this, they are stealing, all people want to defend Floyd, want a justice for him but, floyd is sad, because people used his death to create robbery and other ilegal activities

    comment from Philippines
    we are want to say RIP Floyd

  5. God bless the national guard for keeping the street safe from looters,criminals, and addicts off the streets. I myself wouldn’t dare to misbehave around the national guard

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