Nashua cops retaliate with arrest for filming checkpoint


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We live in a police state. This is the sad reality today- and the only chance we have to fight it is by like-minded liberty oriented people moving together to one region for the purpose of fighting it. Those moving to New Hampshire as part of the Free State Project ( and Shire Society ( are doing just this. The larger society doesn’t understand the financial and safety problems which private corporations, industry, and control freaks desire. The majority of the average persons wealth is stolen by the state without any real return of service or value. Particular minorities are generally targeted and often less than the number needed to cause a disturbance to the status quo.

Here in this video David’s retaliatory arrest was for filming an unconscionable checkpoint. That was the real reason anyway. Nobody who was filming this night provided police with identifying information prior to this arrest nor were other crimes in progress. The police had no valid reason to suspect a crime had been committed or to run our names, faces, etc through any databases. Do you know who else did this sort of thing? Communist states like the Soviet Union and Hitler. The searches conducted were retaliatory in nature because they do not like being held to account. The police this evening were pulling minorities including young drivers and people of color out for extended searches. Some exceeding 30 minutes. These checkpoints are run under the guise of safety when in reality they’re being setup to extract money from those least able to defend themselves. It’s likely that no genuine safety-related drunk driving arrests were made this evening as these checkpoints are not being conducted for that purpose- but to catch people for other minor violations (revenue generator- plus they get money from federal government for conducting said checkpoints). The last checkpoint we filmed had no DUI arrests. A similar filming/press related arrest was made however. White people, those driving nicer cars, etc were largely waved through the checkpoint.

In regards to the failure to appear David has appeared numerous times in relation to his case. The suspended license is in relation to other activism David’s performing in our fight against an authoritarian state and it has nothing to do with this checkpoint. It was just the excuse they found in conducting searches of those filming to make an arrest- and to intimidate us. Somewhat humorously it doesn’t work. However- we have numerous individuals who’ve been targeted over the years that have fallen for your freedom. It’s not the military or police who are fighting for your freedom- it’s us- it’s the activists you see here.

David was not drinking, on drugs, nor driving the night of this arrest. His suspended license is in relation to activism and a general fight against government permission slips rather than any real or perceived danger. The government can and will suspend ones drivers license for non-safety related reasons such as failure or refusal to pay parking tickets, tolls, or similar. When drivers licenses were introduced it was not for safety’s sake. This argument came later and today is used by many to justify the Orwellian state we live in. Until the late 1960s there were still states that didn’t require any tests to even get a drivers license. Cars today are much safer than the buggies of yesteryear and there can be no legitimate justification on safety grounds for the suspension of our freedoms to travel unmolested by criminal (government) gangs.

None of the so-called “crimes” David is accused of have any actual victims other than the act against David himself by the state and officers involved.

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Author: phillyfinest369


35 thoughts on “Nashua cops retaliate with arrest for filming checkpoint

  1. Looking for reasons? you gave them plenty and what in the fuck gives you assholes the right to drive with no DL you fucks are always on the cops about breaking the laws yet here you fools are.

  2. so the camera people are defending a criminal, who has a warrant, and their defense is he didn't know he had a warrant and should be protected, but he was driving on a suspended license, which is illegal… and and and. Criminals pay fines and go to prison. If he hadn't committed a crime he wouldn't be going to jail now. End of story.

  3. how come they don't change the name on the car from protect and serve to harass and fine? I don't think I could go to piggy school and be tortured to the point that piggys believe they are better than any one and human life doesn't mater and no one other than us piggys know the law.

  4. arrested for filming checkpoint? yeah right, how CONVENIENT that you only show AFTER the arrest, probably a bunch of antifa thugs that were blocking the road and being disorderly, in which case good on those officers! lock those punks up!

  5. Should have asked to see the warrant. They're required to have it with them.
    And I see you commented down below that they released him 5 minutes later. So did he really have a warrant or they released him with another court date?

  6. that's right blame everybody else for his stupidity. (not taking the initiative? what a lame excuse) Never assume anything when it comes to your freedom. Always check and recheck the court system to make sure.

  7. a while back I paid a fine in Concord district via check the court did not record it properly
    and a warrant went out..!
    then upon finding me, again they tried to set me up for another crime…. but they search and illegally seize
    only to find out the warrant should never have been put out !!!!!

    NEW Hampshire is a fucking cess pool for corrupt officials!


  8. Welcome to the United Police States of America… Oligarchy Police State… USSA! Bend over Sheeple the Government has a surprise for you… the Giant Red White and Blue Government/Tax/Police/SPY/War Weenie!

    Thomas Jefferson – "All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent."

    The people are suffering and grow tired of Policing for Profit and Endless Extortion/Taxes. Our money is fake, we are over taxed, have the worse healthcare (our taxes supposedly pays for) and constantly get the short end of the stick is this supposed to move us. In addition, we are left holding the bag for 17 trillion dollars in debt.

    You have been drinking the Propaganda Police State Kool-Aid! You have been indoctrinated to support the terrorist actions of the thugs with badges! You Will Be Assimilated!! Try thinking for yourself and looking around to see the real problems are caused by the abuse of citizens, loss of civil rights, and extortion.

    El Paso,Tx-FBI Assault Crime=Photography –

    Marion, IL – FBI Field Office – 1st amendment audit –

    Why are there no criminal penalties for violations of the Bill of Rights? No Mandatory Minimums and Prison Terms? Why don't the laws apply to the Ruling/Blue Class? It is clear that we have a Bill of "Privileges" not Rights.
    A citizen can seek a remedy in Civil Court but this is expensive, while the "state" has unlimited resources (our money). I am sure the blind folded lady with the scales and sword is NOT working for the people.

    Why does no one wonder WHY the Local, State, and Federal Governments are Spying, Filming, and collecting data on all citizens! Then Allow Foreign Governments to have Access! In this day and age citizens need to be vigilant in their RIGHTS!

    Home Grown State Sponsored Terrorist Groups – FBI, CIA, NSA, NRO, NGA, TSA, DEA, DHS, State & Local Police, etc!
    According to Our Government: Violence of Any Kind is Unacceptable in our Society… Unless the Violence is Perpetrated by the Government!

    American National Anthems: (Names have changed but not the Purpose)
    We Will We Will Bomb You! (Queen)
    The Taliban Karoke Song

    I find it ironic that the colors red, white, and blue stand for freedom until they are flashing behind you.
    America is a country, which produces citizens who will cross the ocean to “Fight for Democracy” but will not cross the street to vote.

    The US Government can't Fix or Manage Shit! If you put the federal government in charge of the Sahara Desert, in four years (or Less) there’d be a shortage of sand.

    Government's view of the people and economy could be summed up in a few short phrases: If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. If it stops moving, subsidize it. If all else fails, make it illegal and profit from it.

    We have the finest Police/Politicians that Money can BUY! They are all following the Money and Screwing the Sheeple! Land of the Fee and Home of the Slave!

    Got Cash? The Law You Won't Be Told –

    S.1241 – Combating Money Laundering, Terrorist Financing –
    New Proposed Law Too Ridiculous to Believe! –

    TX & NJ… Indoctrinating School Children on how to interact with Police!
    Schools will be forced to begin this new indoctrination program starting in kindergarten, and the “instruction” would continue as part of the social studies curriculum all the way through grade 12.

    We MUST STOP Believing THIS Destructive Fairy tale –

    Citizens Killed by Police –
    Killed by Police –

    Do you Live in a “Police State”?
    Incarceration in the United States –
    Mass Incarceration: The Whole Pie 2017 –

    How much Money is Seized in the USA from Civil forfeiture?
    Civil forfeiture in the United States –

    How about the 43.1 Million US Citizens living in Poverty? We have had a "War on Poverty" going on for 50 Years! How is that Government Program Working?
    What is the current poverty rate in the United States? –

    Who Really Pays Corporate Taxes? When the Corporate Tax Rates are Cut will the taxes we pay on products be reduced by “X” percent? Why is EVERYTHING Taxed?
    Corporations Don't Pay Taxes–People Do! –

    Where does my TAX money Go? Is it spent wisely? Do you want these Idiots designing your Health Care?
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  9. hahaha fuck these pigs, all corrupt cops need to die a painful death. Hope your homie aright. nice work pointing out the childish retaliation.

  10. Dumbasses and your silly "I don't need a license, registration, or insurance to travel." The ticket tells you what you have to do. Learn to read!

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