12 thoughts on “Mummers, Philadelphia Leaders Speak Out After Several Mummers Wear Blackface During Parade

  1. Yes, there are many stories that can be told. But this one is about blatant racism. If wearing black face is ok with you and you like what it means than argue that point. But pointing to other issues is what children do. "Oh, but look what Joey is doing or not doing" That's deflecting and that's what PUNKS do. If you're a racist just own it. Be like, "I don't care what the blacks (I crack up when white people say The Blacks) think I love the good ole days when this was normal." I wouldn't agree with you, but I would absolutely respect your honesty.

  2. Lol Black Face omg!!! White Flight!!!! The democrooks turned our cities in to shit holes!!!! And the criminals dont follow any gun laws Mayor Kinney???? So why did Michelle Obuma say White Flight!!! I'll tell you why !!! Our cities are a war zone with animals living in it!!!!! Trump 2020

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