Man Stole Vodka → Police Chase → Fatal Shooting

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PITTSBURG COUNTY, Oklahoma – The Pittsburg County District Attorney says two Oklahoma Highway Patrol troopers were justified for shooting and killing a man, Mark Anson Schoggins, 35. following a chase back in July.

Police say Mark Schoggins stole 2 bottle of vodka and led officers on a chase before crashing into a trooper’s car. That’s when the two troopers shot and killed him

McAlester Police Captain Don Hass initially said an employee from Moonshiner’s Liquor Store called police at 6:48 p.m. July 17, and reported a man had just shoplifted bottles of liquor from the store, along Highway 69 near Wade Watts Avenue.

However, owners of both Moonshiners Liquor and Alamo Liquor in McAlester told News On 6 the theft was made at Alamo. Schoggins stole a bottle of vodka, the owners of Alamo Liquor said.

Hass said an officer spotted the Schoggins’s car pulling away from the store and tried to stop him. Hass said Schoggins didn’t stop, starting a chase.

Investigators said OHP Troopers joined in on the chase that went outside of town, but ended up back inside city limits.

Hass said a trooper ended the chase at 6:58 p.m. by performing a tactical vehicle intervention at Main and South Street.

Hass said when the chase ended a shooting occurred between troopers and the Schoggins. Schoggins died.

Hass said OHP is investigating that part of the case.

He said a trooper was hit in the shoulder with shrapnel, but is going to survive.

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47 thoughts on “Man Stole Vodka → Police Chase → Fatal Shooting

  1. Shoplifter fatally shot by cops for stealing two bottles of vodka after high-speed chase. If suspect had been black, would have been No.1 story worldwide and cities would have burned.

  2. Why are you blurring out so much of the stuff that doesn’t need to be blurred out? This is terrible show the dirt bag expiring because it might actually be a wake up call to other potential dirtbags that watch your channel

  3. Watching from Australia. Cannot be serious, chasing down a bloke for stealing from a bottle shop. You had his licence number. The store can write off the loss. Risking other ppl on the roads to catch a petty thief.

  4. With that many shots, I am sure one of the bullets would have emptied those bottles.
    So what was the point in having entire department chasing this dude down and killling him.
    Should have busted through his door. I'd night and caught him in the act of drinking vodka.
    That would have saved some vodka. Just sayin

  5. All over two bottles of Vodka. This is horseshit. The amount of gas, tires and wear and tear on the vehicles over two fking bottles of Vodka. And, loss of life. Maybe next time swing by the liquor store and give them thirty bucks and get the tags and pick him up at home or work. This is ridiculous.

  6. A couple bottles of vodka is not a killing offense. What's wrong with these guys. They could have gotten his license number and went to his home later to arrest him. I'm pro cops but sometimes their a little gun happy.

  7. You forget that this is a neighborhood… It's a block away from my house. The scene he crashed at, normally has an elderly couple who sit on lawn chairs to watch traffic. People in the neighborhood- kids walk to the store all of the time. Drunk drivers are an eminent threat to many innocent residents. Before you judge those police, ask yourself if you would be OK with them letting him go and run over the elderly couple or all of the kids in the neighborhood… There's not a road he could have gone down that doesn't have a school or daycare. South street (the road he is on) has will Rogers elementary school less than 6 blocks. 2nd street has a daycare less than 3 blocks away. 6th street has another elementary school less than 6 blocks away. And lastly Chadwick park also is about 8 blocks away… This is a neighborhood with kids on bicycles all of the time. Stop blaming the police for trying to keep innocent people safe from people who are not even concerned with their own safety and life.

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