Man Fatally Shot After Making Threats to His Family And The Police – Modesto PD. Dec 29-2020


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Modesto, CA – On Tuesday, December 29, 2020, at approximately 11:30 am, Modesto Police Department Officers responded to the 2300 block of Woodland Avenue after receiving a call from a female stating her brother, 29-year-old Trevor Seever, told the family that he bought a gun the night before and was now texting the family making vague threats and stated he was on his way to their home.
Additional information was provided that Mr. Seever was on foot and had last been seen walking westbound Woodland Avenue towards The Church of the Brethren at 2301 Woodland Avenue.
Officer Joseph Lamantia, a 12-year veteran with the Modesto Police Department, was the first to arrive at the church. Shortly after Officer Lamantia arrived, Mr. Seever was located and an officer involved shooting occurred.
Mr. Seever was transported to a local hospital where he succumbed to his injuries.
During a search of the scene, no gun was located.
The officer involved in this shooting has been placed on paid administrative leave, which is standard procedure with all officer involved shootings.
Three separate and independent investigations have been launched into this incident. The Modesto Police Department is conducting both a criminal and an administrative investigation and the Stanislaus County District Attorney’s Office is conducting an independent review of this incident.
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32 thoughts on “Man Fatally Shot After Making Threats to His Family And The Police – Modesto PD. Dec 29-2020

  1. Despite threat's that looked like murder… I am not professional trained law enforcement but I definitely have more discipline and self control that man had his hands up

  2. So he made threats so that means police can just run up on him and start shooting him when hes just standing there??? Wheres the outrage? Oh because hes white. This was more of a murder than that floyd guy.

  3. Dang how did he even know who he was shooting at at that distance. Trevor, “Ow, ow, I can’t breath”. Cop needs a mustache redo, seriously. Trevor, “Ow, ow”

  4. So they shot and killed a unarmed man because they thought he had a gun….. It says they were briefed about his instagram post before being dispatched. I bet they couldn't wait to shoot this kid.

  5. I'm watching this video from my cell phone, did the suspect make a move like he had a gun for the officer to just start shooting? Lord knows that we don't want the community burnt down…scratch that, he's white.

  6. Thank you CNN. That's the result of your leftist democrat "all cops are evil" campaign. ôo PO seemed a little bit too trigger happy, though. This guy could live.

  7. Hmm. I'm not so sure about this one. No clear threat to anyone including the officer. Shot from like a mile away. Good thing there was some random person's house as a backstop.

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