10 thoughts on “Man Arrested, Charged With Assaulting Journalist, Woman During June 1 Fishtown Unrest

  1. People have a right to protect themselves from fear mongers we should start by ousting let em loose larry and dancing mayor kenney as for me I will protect my home and my family

  2. Krasner is upset about this but drops charges against rioters & looters who burned shops and cause $millions in damages. Philly is a sinking ship, get out while you can still get some money for your home.

  3. Good there will be justice. However they get bailed out and the democrats & media keep quiet when it's Antifa or BLM rioters killing someone, hurting someone, & or destroying someone's property. This double standard is the downfall of the left and why they will lose again like in 2016.

  4. Oh I get it a bunch of homeowners and businesses owners stand up to protect themselves against a bunch of looters who want to come in and destroy their neighborhood and burn down their local businesses oh that's called being a vigilante maybe they should have put signs up on all their houses and businesses that's it black owned businesses of black owned houses I seen the bang-up job that the mayor the district attorney and the new police commissioner did on protecting the city you tied the police officers hand behind their backs now they're getting charged for using tear gas on the protesters that were blocking up 676 and now assholes Jim Kenny is going to tear down the Columbus statue in South Philadelphia with the people that live in South Philadelphia don't want it tore down but black lives matter does how many police officers were injured during the riots in Philadelphia I lived in Philadelphia all my life I'm 55 years old but I got to tell you man I'm moving that's a shame because I love this city but Jim Kenney Larry krasner these Democrats are destroying it how was Jim Kenney feel if it came to his house and looted and burned his house I can't stand you Jim Kenney I hope the worst for you

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