26 thoughts on “Looting Overshadows Message From Peaceful George Floyd Protesters In Philadelphia

  1. People forget about reverse racism black lives matter I think every life should matter i just don't know what to think I can not put in to words right know I wonder sooner later if pure anarchy is coming soon over the years

  2. nothing has been overshadowed, spare me. same old line decade after decade from corporate media, shame the disempowered for not responding how you would like to being murdered, focus on property crime, protect establishment at all costs. its just stuff people!

  3. Ppl didn’t believe me it was peaceful until 6 o clock, all they wanted them to do was take a knee, stop laughing but their pride wouldn’t allow it. So then they had a plan and it was to distract the police and pretty much loot they went to far.

  4. Two months of quarantine. A deadly virus spread all over the world. We survived that. Ok, soooooo… Now what?.
    I would like to say rest in peace, Mr.George. What a cruel way to die.
    But I would also like to say that these protests and riots do not make up for his death. People just look for an excuse so they can cause trouble, the whole freaking City over here shut down. Just because people want to go out and start shooting and robbing stores and burning cars.
    This is all ridiculous. To protest and say black lives matter, but then go around and causing all this trouble and huge riots? It doesn't make any sense. People just looking for any excuse, to go out and shoot and steal and hurt people.

    Rest In Paradise George

  5. Billionaires got $434 billions richer during Covid-19 pandemic. This must be the real looting everybody's talking about! Shame on America!

  6. If you believe that rioting doesn’t show the message your missing the point. If these possessions that are destroyed are more important than that one man’s life who died in the police’s hands your the problem.

  7. That’s because while the people are protesting what’s right you got the idiots coming in on other end stealing looting and damaging property they ain’t looting for justice they looting for there greedy selfs really get it together people

  8. Why is it when a white person is unjustly killed by police, I have seen several videos of this, that the communist controlled media says nothing about it, no riots, no looting, why is that, I guess white lives don't matter, stop playing the race card!!

  9. Ppl haven’t had a check for 3months, I don’t feel no sympathy for multi million billion dollar companies. Society as it was structured was obvious only working for certain groups of people. While other communities suffer from violence, poverty and oppression.

  10. You blame your president for this you can blame the police for this you can blame the justice department for this. If they would do their jobs like they were supposed to this wouldn’t be happening this Hass to happen to be heard so no Justice no peace

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