17 thoughts on “Looters Target King Of Prussia Mall As George Floyd Protest Turn Violent

  1. On Friday, an employer was watching local looting videos and noticed one of his employees looting Target and Walgreens. No face mask, and camera showed his face clear as day 3 times in Target video and once in Walgreens video. He processed his final paycheck and terminated him. On Monday he gave the local PD the employees information and showed them where the guy is at in both videos. Tuesday the police went to the address the employer provided and verified it was the same man in the video. At the front door police noticed in plain view two TV's still in the boxes and other merchandise from Target and Walgreens. He was arrested and charged.

    All because an employer watched these videos. And they hope many more will recognize these looters and bring them video and an address.

  2. I understand that they are upset with the injustice, inequality, and the death of George Floyd. I fee it was a bad thing, and that PEACEFUL protests are allowed. When I saw that these people were destroying Center City, lighting police vehicles on fire, lighting businesses on fire, and then stealing ALL of this for themselves? What? Because they wasted their life in the ghettos and they just want free stuff? These people are now living what their stereotypes are; thieves, looting, hurting, threatening, terrorizing, etc.. Don’t expect to get ANY justice and equality if you keep acting like this. All of these people should be sent to death.

  3. CoIoured men beats the shyte out of them inscure spremacists, watch combat sports. Boxing,mma—mx!cans, flpinos, bIcks, poIynsians destroys them all the time. The only time they win is when they are twice the size of their opponent. And even with Iarge frame good physqe they stiII get mauled, and they celebrate when they spot a GREATWYHTEHOPE!!! hype it up!! They're all about violence yet they can only do it with guns and not their fists., pretty weak I say! Not all tho.

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