4 thoughts on “Local Coalition Protests Law Law In India That Excludes Muslims From Citizenship

  1. Wow so biased news MFS .
    Only people of all other faith except muslim that came India as a refugee before 31 Dec 2014 from afghan , Pakistan or Bangladesh will get indian citizenship .
    Why not Muslims included ?
    Because Muslims are a majority there not minority and in those states people of other faiths are persecuted and targeted .
    But India still take muslim refugees from Afghanistan because they are persecuted by Taliban .
    Don't spread false news .
    First know about it .
    Leftists doing drama because of vote bank politics and spreading rumors like you are .
    If you want to come to India come with a proper visa and passport .
    Illegal entries LL be shot down simple as that .

  2. You guys should be sued for false headlines. Muslims are not excluded from citizenship you stupid fools. It is simply a new and additional law that grants fast track citizenship to persecuted minorities from three neighboring muslim countries, and yes, the "persecuted minorites" do not include the muslim majority of those countries because, well, that would be pointless,. wouldn't it? All foreigners including muslims have an existing path to citizenship which has not been altered in any way.

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