Lessons from Cops and Covid

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Author: rafael.nieves


32 thoughts on “Lessons from Cops and Covid

  1. It's definitely shown how ready our politicians are to throw away the constitution, and transform into a bunch of autocratic tyrants. But don't worry, they are doing it, "for our own good." I hope we all remember what was said about those who sacrifice freedom for security.

  2. Give it a couple more weeks at most, gov has crossed the line. If people decide in mass that you guys are not fit to run government you're very likely going to be fked if you still chose the side of tyrants.

  3. Ok I'm certain someone can explain this.
    Mike says that:
    A. There's a small possibility of running into crooked cops.
    B. There's a small possibility that a suspect will want to hurt the cop.
    C. Cops have to prepare, because it is possible that someone wants to hurt them.

    So, shouldn't it logically follow that people must prepare for crooked cops? Say, perhaps when people irrationally run because they're terrified? LEOs shoot because they're scared and sometimes they're wrong. They don't get in trouble, because humans make mistakes. People run because they're scared and it's an extra charge. It's just a complete lack of understanding of human nature.

  4. Just an observation, Mike (et al)…

    It would seem a LOT of people are "getting it" but just not suffering symptoms (fever, aches, cough, etc)… Which is part of how containment became "moot" within a week of China even admitting it was a thing. When the testing resources are so scarce (which is frankly, egregious) nobody can justify testing healthy people at random to "try to get ahead of it"…

    I would suggest, then, that the better way to look at it, on objective reality, is that most people WILL actually get it. Just that the vast majority (I think Fauci estimated 85%) wouldn't show symptoms at all. So most "won't get sick from it" in the conventional sense. Some will get sick, but recover without need for intervention. (Think the last time you had a rough chest cold)… AND a few will suffer horribly and require medical help to survive it.

    Just for the record, the last "credible" number I got was 1.6% fatality rate in the U.S. to date (as of Mar 30). AND worldwide, the rate was averaged out a about 4%.

    Yes, this "viral pneumonia" is more dangerous than the flu (which averages around 0.01% fatality rate… I think?) SO it's not just a "non-zero" chance. Yet, obviously, it's not a huge looming inevitably fatal disease like ebola or something.

    To be clear, I agree with you on most points. I just think that the "classic inevitability" is that for most of us in the world population, it's a matter of "when" we get it, rather than "if". The rest of the numbers show that it spreads so quickly and quietly through asymptomatic victims, that most of us won't even notice.

    It's important to recognize the distinction of "When"… ESPECIALLY in regard to the desperate pleas from leadership to isolate and physically distance, "to slow it down". Knowing this thing is so novel, we can expect every member of the population to come down with an infection at some point… and a fair percentage of that population to require treatment. IF we allow that to happen "all at once" there's no possible way to get treatment to them all in time. We only have so many drugs, so many doctors, and so many ventilators… IF on the other hand, we can slow that progress, we can still accept that everyone will get it, and that only a fraction (relatively small) will actually require medical intervention… The slower that trickles through the medical facilities, the better they can respond. The more supplies and people will be available to handle every case… THAT is the net benefit of this whole "lockdown" process.

    SO yes, face it with wisdom. Do your best to protect grandma and gramps, or moms and pops… etc… Participate in slowing and mitigating as much as possible, Just because the infection is inevitable at some level, that doesn't mean you should just "give up" and rush out to screw as many people over in your time as possible. This time around, at least, panic is more dangerous than the threat itself. ;o)

  5. Sadly one of our Nevada State troopers just lost his life 3-27-20. The dirt bag was caught. He shot and killed Sgt Ben Jenkins, stole his clothes and patrol car. I hope he rots in jail. It must have been hard to take him in for the officers who found him.

  6. Medical reports are way off, the actual mortality rate reported will continue to fall…. Italy is reporting everyone that dies and tests positive as a corona virus death…not exactly honest reporting… In 2017 respiratory related deaths was already the #10 ranked cause of death in italy. Us medical is likely doing the same the disease is highly contiguous… But not significantly more dangerous than the flu. – the telegraph walter ricciardi.

  7. Wow I have a whole new level of respect for you. Admitting that you didn’t take it seriously at first. My hat is off to you for admitting that. Also great lesson learned. I look forward to seeing more of your content. Especially after this thing blows over so we can see more bjj in LE videos.

  8. I'm 50 now. Started working on an Ambulance at 18. Worked in that industry most of my life and still there today as an executive supporting front-line caregivers. This industry is taking a major hit from this virus not just from front line exposure but financially and its sustainability. This is a big deal! I have also, in the middle of this career, served as a Police Officer in a very high crime area for about 5 years. When I compare how we as pubic servants interact with people I have seen how Law Enforcement personnel don't consider universal precautions in the same way as medically trained folks do. Law Enforcement need to dawn PPE in these times and know how how doff it too. There is a big risk to our Law Enforcement community if folks in charge don't get this right. I haven't known of policies or procedures that protect the Police in these types of events (I'm sure things have changed recently, but we never trained on it). What are you carrying in your trunk, bag or on your person to protect yourself against this virus? You need the N95 (make an effort to get this provided), gloves, disinfectants and glasses while keeping your distance with the public. Cops don't often think of this type of event effecting them. If you don't have this protection, make it happen. Stay safe!

  9. "The objective reality of this thing is that most people won't get it. The other reality is that, out of those who do get it, most of them are going to recover and be fine."
    I keep telling people something very similar to this. Thank you for stating it so concisely!

    Also, thanks to our brethren in law enforcement for what you do. There have been calls that I, as a paramedic, could not respond to until one of yall was there on scene to make sure my partner and I weren't the ones ending up on the stretcher. We're front lines right now, yeah, but that's something yall do every. damned. day.

  10. You're off on this little bit, first off this is a Coronavirus, with an extra protein. We know this coronavirus in fact it has a patent within the United States. I realize that you're just a street cop and you disrespect people like me, but that's fine, I'm still going to stand up for the truth! In 2003 when the SARS virus was initiated the virus went around to every World lab in order to try and make vaccines for viruses. This Coronavirus is a well-known virus which has been weaponized. In case you're not aware the Wuhan University Laboratory and Wuhan China is a military bio weapon location. The lab technicians do not get paid very much and they often sell the lab animals into the local wet Market. That is where the virus was first ingested into a human. Cross-contamination by a lab animal has happened in Wuhan before. In fact three separate incidences in the past have proven that this practice of selling lab animals into the wet Market has continued and was the catalyst for the covid-19 worldwide pandemic. so when the Chinese say that this is a United States military great weapon, they're not necessarily lying. because the United States actually has a patent for a similar virus in order to make a vaccine. you're not going to hear about that on your local news Mike the cop! Never the less it is true

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