Kyle Rittenhouse shooting breakdown: murder or self defense?


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Kyle Rittenhouse, 17, is accused of a single shooting incident during a night of unrest in Kenosha earlier this week that left two people dead and a third person seriously injured, authorities have said.
Since his arrest on Wednesday, the Antioch, Illinois, teenager had been charged with first-degree intentional homicide, Antioch Police said.
Prosecutors filed more charges against Rittenhouse on Thursday, adding one count of reckless homicide, a count for attempted intentional homicide and two counts of recklessly endangering safety.

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36 thoughts on “Kyle Rittenhouse shooting breakdown: murder or self defense?

  1. Its not self defense when your the idiot 🙄 who put yourself there intentionally, he went down there to use his gun, had he been black, he probably would've gotten shot, just like the black kid who was trying to stop the active Walmart shooter last year, and killed by police point blank….

  2. Its not self defense when your the idiot 🙄 who put yourself there intentionally, he went down there to use his gun, had he been black, he probably would've gotten shot, just like the black kid who was trying to stop the active Walmart shooter last year, and killed by police point blank….

  3. Everytime I watch I video like this I'm really glad that I live in civilized country, namely Germany. Where civilians are not allowed to own weapons except for sports and hunting. But you can walk around without the feeling to get shot every second.

  4. If I were in his position I would have started shooting way earlier because of the fear of getting beat to death by those "peaceful protesters", I'm more surprised he kept his composure this long.

  5. I'm gonna get some hate for this, but tbh I think Kyle is in the wrong here. Yes, he was shot at first, yes it was %100 in self defense, but he didn't have to be out here and it was literally illegal for him to have a firearm. I'm not very educated on justice, but that was not murder, so imo he should be charged for having the firearm when he shouldn't have, but this is a very grey-area situation.

  6. Absolutely self defense. His saving grace and his astute actions of trying to flee every encounter. He is trying to get away or fend off each attack, one is hurling what could be deadly objects at him and chasing him down to obviously do bodily harm. The perpetrator not wounded knocks him to the ground then kicks him in the face. The second perpetrator attacks him with the skateboard which is ADW and he is well within his rights to use deadly force. The third perpetrator had his firearm drawn and was going to shoot him but didn’t get the chance. The third perpetrator is even quoted as saying he wished he would have killed him.  

    What the fuck were these idiots thinking? It’s a little kid so let’s get him? He has a rifle and obviously knows how to use it.

  7. Call of duty adrenaline mixed with bad parenting, and maybe under the influence plus who knows what kind of upbringing he had = blood rage, A state of psychological unstability, in which a person(or people) loose all sense of reality, thus being drawn into a tunnel-visioned rage toward a target. This may manifest itself until complete destruction ensues(ripped from urban dictionary). Kid needs therapy and to do his time for what he did. Who knows maybe hes just stupid or has a sad back story, both maybe.. either way.. lock him up and evaluate his mental health.

  8. All i can think is this poor kid man, he was out there doing what every single one of us should be. Guys why are we letting these leftists and democrats push us around isnt it time we take a stand with our law enforcement and say enough is enough. Freedom for Kyle, idk who else is feeling this way but i think it's time for all of us united to take a stand.

  9. Free dat boi lil wick jr. If the president is to pardon someone I think this would be the best example. During a riot how can you discriminate someone’s right to self defence because they age?

  10. Let’s wait for more facts to come out, and leave only the commies as the group that jumps to rash decisions. Whether it is or isn’t murder, it’s 100% sad and terrifying that a 17 yo kid feels the need to go out and save the city because America’s adults r all too busy fucking up. Also, he’s obviously got some good training and even cleared a jam when he was knocked to the ground. I can only hope I perform that well if the mob ever comes for me.

  11. Only thing he should be charged with is underage opencarry cause that all he really wasnt suppose to do but seems like a man to me so… its obvious selfdefence he didnt shoot till he ran a block being chased and kept running whem he stopped to check on the guy but other people yelling get that motherfucker i would run too

  12. Kyle is a hero. He was trying to protect property and shot in self defence only.
    They all got what they deserve. Rot in hell Commies.

  13. It took 3 people to be shot before they gave up trying to kill him, so personally it looks like self defence. Misinformed disingenuous rioters , rioting for a guy(with a arrest warrant outstanding)who did not comply with police and looked like he was trying to get a knife from the car.

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