2 thoughts on “Justice For George Floyd Rally Ends With Several Arrests In North Philadelphia

  1. This was 100% a non violent protest the whole walk up broad st. other then a group of children who ran into a gamestop and started looting (who shouldve been arrested immediately, but they then separated.) The cops rode their bikes the entire march with the protesters and decided to block off hunting park because it was 8:00 and not because of any violence or destruction. They just waited for 8:00 to hit to start arresting random peaceful protesters. Notice how you talk of a clash with cops as that man clearly has his hands up. Why dont you show the footage of the numerous young women (some of whom were pregnant) that were beaten with those night sticks just for marching. Alot of bad things been happening in philly but this march was overall peaceful verbal expression. These cops couldn't wait to take their anger out on anyone in sight as soon as they had the green light. #Fake news video.

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