32 thoughts on “If Cops Enforced Your Cars Extended Warranty

  1. Imagine if cops held themselves to the same brutal and merciless standards of proper behavior they demand from civilians under the threat of death? Instead they'll use every means of corruption and tell 10,000 lies to protect the psychotic and brutal thugs that beat people to death for not getting on the ground fast enough or, god forbid, ask them a question. Law enforcement attracts low IQ bullies that understand only one thing: obedience or death. A thuggish dimwit with a shoe sized IQ and a GED can pass a police entrance exam but couldn't hold down a job digging ditches in the real world.

  2. I literally just got 2 calls in a row about my cars extended warranty and now YOU WANT ME TO EXTEND MY CWRS WARRANTY TOO!??!?!

  3. Or more realistically the cop stands there patiently for 20 minutes waiting for the supervisor to show up to tell you that, yes, you do in fact need an extended warranty, all the while you site fake laws over and over again before your windows gets busted in and a warning turns into a court case.

  4. Haha, Whenever I get one of those calls I start trolling the caller, "Which car? I have twelve of them! I can't not have a warranty on one of them… Hello? Helloooo?" LMAO

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