17 thoughts on “I did my voiceover live right in front of a cop 😆

  1. I had three older sisters that thought I had to put down the seat after peeing, but they didn't have to put it up when they were done. Oh the double standard of women. I figured the best thing to do was just sit down to shut them up, knowing I was the stronger vessel.

    But I don't even sit down in public restrooms, I do the hover. Plenty of dirty "ass" people out there whose bottom sides have been who knows where. And

  2. Your miniscule found fame and acceptance by the immorals is infecting the heart you used to have, Timmy. I hope it doesn't take its toll on your boys and wife. Remember, they are second to God and above your mission or career.

  3. Urinals are more efficient and there is no "ass" material in them, making them more sanitary and healthy.

    To replace them is a cost that taxpayers have to fund, and even moreso in states that would have unions doing the work.

  4. One of the Miami area cop watchers has one sleeping and Acura Amanda has one of 2 cops on detail @ 150per, making goochy-goochy eyes and "fiddling" (a-hem) around.

  5. Hey James, did u get that stuff with Steph worked out? Just bustin ur balls buddy! Keep on keepin on!
    Oh ya, thank u for what u do! Ur badass at it!

  6. All the enforcers(LEO)are part of a paramilitary organization that DOES NOT WORK FOR THE PEOPLE, they work for the corporations that hired them. Their loyalty is to the corporation that pays them, and their blue line gang members. Yes, you pay their salaries with your tax dollars that the corporate government steals from you. But, they don't work for us. They're enforcers of/for the ruling class, and nothing more than paid mercenaries. No matter how unconstitutional the whims and whimpers of the ruling class declare, the enforcer class will enforce it on us, even if it means to brutalize, torture, hospitalize and/or murder us to make us obey it. These enforcers are the standing army our forefathers warned us about.

    All enforcers will violate your/our rights in a heartbeat. There's no law, code, edict, whim, or whimper, of the ruling class, that the enforcer class will not extort, arrest, brutalize, torture, hospitalize, and/or murder you for, even if it's made up in the enforcers head.
    There's only one way things will ever change. "We the people", have been peacefully protesting for generations, and we've been voting for change in every election, and nothing is ever different. Every day we lose more and more of our rights, freedoms, and liberties'.
    They will never give our rights back to us, and will continue to take them away, one by one until they're all gone. We live in a police state worse than in 1930's Germany, and it's becoming more and more tyrannical and oppressive by the day. There is only one way we can get them back as history has told, over and over again. We will have to take our rights back by FORCE like we did between 1775-1782. And fought again in 1812-1815 when the British came back.
    No tyrannical government in the history of the earth has ever given their people freedom and liberty. The people had to destroy the people in power(Ruling class), and their enforcers (Enforcer class), to win their freedom and liberty. Our government will never give back that which they have stolen. The "Declaration of Independence" gives us the reason, power, duty, and ability, to reclaim our liberty and freedom.

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