35 thoughts on “Hundreds Of Peaceful George Floyd Protesters Gather Outside Fishtown Police Station

  1. The black protesters are wasting their time coming to Fishtown to "protest racism", real racism is rampant in the black community, go protest there.

  2. That guy was full of S##t, no one was pulled off a bike and beaten, I applaud the Fishtown residents who stood up and kept those from outside the neighborhood from rioting and looting. I also applaud the cops who refused to kneel to the real racists who came from outside Fishtown to try to provoke trouble, p.s. I don't give a rats azz about some career criminal who rolled the dice one to many times in his encounters with the police, good riddance.

  3. This sh#t is stupid! Why are you instigating crap out in a place that has nothing to with the man getting killed If black lives matter then go to southwest (the bottom) and tell them to stop killings each other.

  4. Luv how there is a coordinated labeling by media of how peaceful these " protests" are. There is an awful lot of thefts assaults and murders happening for these to be considered peaceful. I'd hang publicly the leaders and imprison as many others as I could if I were in charge. I'll let Trump have her this year then I'll give pence four then I'll take it from there.

  5. I wonder how many will be dead or have killed a love one with Corona they got at one of these protests. Even the most conservative model shows many times more than have ever been killed by police. Dems need that second wave for mail in voting though so like lambs to the slaughter…

  6. Good. You dont have to kneel to proof you are not a racist. Its just creepy, like a religious cult. You must kneel. Like GOT. ARE YOU HERE TO BEND THE KNEE?

  7. Meanwhile 4 blocks away 100s of small mom and pop shops, retail chains, and luxury stores are being robbed, vandalized, and being set on fire. While countless vulnerable elderly people are quarantined inside with no way to access any supplies because all of them are destroyed and the public transit system no longer runs. Right… Peaceful… For those who are keeping it peaceful, kudos to you. Unfortunately your message has been drowned out over the sound of smashed glasses and exploding cars.

  8. The protestors were so peaceful in Long Beach, CA the other day i had to chase 3 away and watched my neighborhood go up in flames. the peace is strong…

  9. I feel angered but Looting and rioting on innocent businesses and homes is not the right way, however if those Crooked Cops homes were instead targetted Id turn a blind eye as being justice served.

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