Highspeed Gear “taco” Pouch Retention | Solutions?


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I’m new to these pouches and looking for advice on an issue I’m having. Hopefully some of you have solutions… *UPDATE* Found the solution: https://youtu.be/4IxnH-ND_84



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  1. Yes to your question, if you haven’t found the answer yet.

    I carry a 1liter Fiji bottle on my edc bag.

    I used to just use the Maxpedition rollypoly which is a basic dump pouch; but i dont like how it hands off and kind of bounces. Doesn’t feel secure; like you said. So, at my favorite gun shop; but seen a HSGI (which i was already a fan of their products), and I seen a HSGI soft taco.
    I have been using it about five days now.

    I rerouted my cables BACKWARD, 180 degrees from where the tab goes from front to back, but wasn’t super difficult. Get you a pair of needle nose pliers, and stick the pliers through each of the PALS/MOLLE webbing slots…. use the needle nose pliers to stretch OUT those pals areas..
    Do this with EVERY HSGI pouch. This tactic is coming from HSGI themselves.

    Route the cables reverse from the way they are running through it right now.

    If you dont mind me asking—-I like your setup; I see the flexi-cuffs; are you in law enforcement..?

    Stuy safe out here!

  2. Personally, I currently looking for a different set up, at the beginning I liked them, but over time, the retention starts to loosen up. I tried to removed the kydex and just use the bungee, but its a no no. The kydex is attached to the fabric. I already lost a full mag while on a foot chase. The ones I believe are the handcuff pouch and the "baton" pouch, because it has a closure and for the baton, the foam acts as friction itself. I also tried to tighten them so much and cut off excess, with the extra I used it as an over the top bungee. The duty tacos are just bulky and I sent them back.

  3. Possible solution for you, Remove your mags, tuck plastic piece under just like it is, get a black elastic hair band, place one end of the hair band in front of the plastic piece that is tucked under the mag holder, and pull the other end over the top so that the band runs along the sides, place mags back into pouch. That should keep the tension on the plastic pieces. It's at least worth a try. Hope this works if so, please let us know.

  4. Wondering what would happen if you replaced the factory string with paracord, not the tension you liked, tied a solid knot, like a square knot, and then trimmed and melted the ends and put a couple drops of super glue on the knot.

  5. Been using a HSGI open top pistol taco for my light on my belt for about 2 years now. I set the tension just right knowing I’ll only ever use it for that light, tied a simple overhand knot right up against the toggle to stop slippage over time and then cut the loose shock-cord pretty close to the knot.

    With the way I have it, the toggle an knot are pretty much flush with the bottom of the taco. Like I said, I’ve been using it like this for 2 years and no issues with retention slackening off over time or with annoying untidy cord flapping around.

    Hopefully my description makes sense but I’ll take a photo for you if it helps.

  6. My blow out kit from NAR came in the taco set up 1st thing was did away an put Velcro straps. When we went to external carrier vests I went over a fence an ended up with mags on the ground. I ended up with a dab of rubber cement to keep it from slipping. To my thinking the Taco retainers don’t look professional. Next time you’re near tac tailors offices ask them for suggestions

  7. The two sides are plastic. Take a small piece of grip tape (stair skateboard) and put on both sides. Then adjust your retention where you like. Pull the strings behind and use a black rubber band( ranger, hair tie) to secure the strings. Helped me keep from having a fire sale every time I had to get after it, and both rubber bands and grip tape give an extra level of retention. Oss

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