High Speed Police Pursuits Are For Every Ones Safety… Right?

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James Freeman take on High speed police chases. In This video police chase a fleeing car onto a school property as children are being released from school. Every day innocent people are injured and have their property destroyed by the wreckless behavior of cops trying to get their adrenaline high by engaging in completely unnecessary chases. They take situations where nobody’s life is at risk, and turn them into deadly situations, while calling themselves the hero. Then they blame all the property damage and people injured and killed on someone else, as they are incapable of ever taking responsibility for their own actions. But hey, with qualified immunity, they don’t ever have to be worried about being responsible for the harm that they cause.

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29 thoughts on “High Speed Police Pursuits Are For Every Ones Safety… Right?

  1. I watching cops case a guy on a bicycle because he didn't have a light on it. He went into a park that cars could not get into. The cops brought in a helicopter and dogs. The guy in the end didn't even know they where chasing him. They charged him with like 5 felony charges and judge threw case out.

  2. @ James Freeman

    Latest in chaos and death on city streets arguably made worse and more deadly by police misguided and overly aggressive beyond policy behavior…to “protect and serve”?!

    Is this what the cops say after escalating a situation? “I’m sorry innocent citizen that you’re dead, I was really just escalating the situation & using the maximum amount of horsepower & potential deadly force I could muster to protect you…while under their breath…I’m just glad I get to go home to my family, again, so sorry you’re dead – not sorry 😬!



  3. did that officer just say they were going at speeds of 80mph in a neighborhood………

    so that's okay for them, but when someone else goes 5 above the limit they get pulled over. Love the hypocrisy

  4. I’ve always thought regarding high speed chases the cops should let them go and catch them another day and another way. The risks on the innocent don’t justify these reckless actions.

  5. James James James I love your videos but Now you've lost it regarding this. You must be one of those let criminals run free. It has nothing to do with getting property back it's about apprehending pieces of shit who don't belong in society who have the audacity to steal vehicles and should be locked up indefinitely. To say it's just property is so sad, it's about law and order and if not this world would be the wild west. What's wrong with people who think we should live that way, PLEASE COME TO MY HOUSE AND NEIGHBORHOOD, My friggin kid can't play outside the way people drive around here knowing police won't do anything is horrible. Read a few Detroit stories of speeders and car thieves not being chased and running down innocent people. You have a problem when police do it but read the statistics. These losers shod be in jail as not to create this situation EVER Again. I would be happy to debate this issue and the problems only getting worse because now there's guys like you calling for cops heads for doing there job. They stole a friggin car next it maybe your family in it when they car jack you and maybe shoot one of your kids, then what James would you come out and say cops should do more and had they apprehended these lowlifes on the first stolen car maybe you and your families a little safer. Do videos on assholes who steal cars and run people down, don't blame cops for doing a job. I've been watching you and agree with a lot of your older videos and have followed for years but this reeks like a refund the cops when actually they need more and to continue to in force our laws. Sorry man I just don't agree with this video or idea criminals should run free.

  6. In jersey you can not go over 50 mph is the city and 65 and 70 on the highway. But let me be the first to tell you they do not listen. The adrenaline kicks in and all the safety goes out the window .

  7. There is no human situation so bad that can't be made worse by the police?

    School shootings

    I'll wait, how is that situation made worse by police being there to help? Or are you gonna blame the shooting on the police also, this dude is just a huge cop hater and will find any reason to blame them for anything. Shit is ridiculous

  8. Now they're going to blame these two guys for the death of the ones that ended up dying which actually mind you having the police not been chasing them no one would have probably ended up dead but being the police chase them the police should be held accountable too for the death of these people that died but they're not going to say that they've got the tag number to the car they could have easily radioed to the next town and sit here is the tag number if you see this car see if you can get it to stop but instead they want to show their authority like they can rip through town at a hundred miles an hour and a 35 mph zone regardless of who they harm or kill they've got someone to blame it on

  9. 11:06– Everybody out, rides over!

    Thoughts come to mind:

    All of this for a Hyundai, a basic ass Hyundai.

    This Hyundai just performed like a champ with a novice untrained (maybe some forza..) driver, vs the Interceptor and a trained group of officers, and made it a good competion.

    I believe the police should never engage in a high-speed chase unless there is life and limb involved, or a crime of violence in progress.

    I value my/your life. They value the money that comes with the charges the criminal racks up. Thats why they do what they CHOOSE to do by committing to these chases, and lying about it when they can. Oh, good liars too.

    For the good servants of peace, salute! 😎👍🏾
    For the rotten pos’s, 🖕🏾😎

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