1. I took him off 2 years ago it was when he went to the wall with some girl he just rubbed me the wrong way on how he was speaking then other thing stared coming out I was very disappointed I REALLY enjoyed watching him and his son

  2. Im not trying to brag or anything but i never liked that hdcw guy, its obvious hes a bully, he like to bully police officers and security personal, he picks on anyone he can, hes not here to protect our rights or any of tht bs he says, hes just here to get those sweet donations and bully the police, maybe he had a bad experience with the police when he was younger

  3. And boom, just like that frauds exposed. By calling, they destroyed credibility, they interfered and in doing so a narrative was created that may not have existed. This puts doubt in every vid that High Dessert and his minions put out.These guys are the urinal mints of the auditing world and managed to put the fun back in dysfunctional without even trying….. Third time I've watched this one. Rock on 5-0

  4. Hey 5.0. , haven't watched hdcw for a while and don't even miss it. You on the other hand are still 0ne of my favorites and I eagerly await the next vid. And remember boys and girls…. If you call the cops on yourself as an auditor to elicit a responce……… You loose all credibility.

  5. Johnny, in my humble opinion I believe you are doing yourself a disservice. It is irrelevant who calls the police. The point is, if the police show up there is obviously education that must be administered, and the more the merrier. Why should I care who called them, I'm only concerned that EVERYONE understands the constitution and those we appointed to enforce the laws do so. End of story, move on. Intellectual people do not view this drama in a positive manner. It does NOT help the agenda of changing the system. It only plays into the hands of those trying, vigilantly, to divide and conquer. Please stay on course, we need you. We need every auditor willing to try to change things, even if it isn't pretty sometimes.

  6. Sad display of human character. Gang-up on others and happy to shut people down. Ive learned alot from all your channels. Its sad to see this type behavior from "intelligent" people. I guess its all about subs. Im done with the people posting their personal vendettas and will only watch those steering clear of the witch hunt

  7. I unsubscribed to HDCW about 5 months ago. He got to the point where it seems he was looking for confrontation, just to appeal to his audience. I can't not stand that in an auditor. There's a few others like SVG News First who's also, all about him and his ratings/views. They get no respect from me…

  8. this is just messy. So now we are focusing on the actions of fellow auditors and not cops?? Just bc he said dont put it on film doesn't make him guilty of calling. At what point do we come to being here attacking each other. I just think there are better ways this couldve been addressed. Ticky tack female approach on handling a situation you are not in support of. Why not just address it with him and move on?

  9. Nice to see a fucktard like highdesert losing SUBS!! Just in the 3 days I've been watching he's down 350 SUBS and you've gone up over 300 SUBS. The cream will always rise to the top!!
    Fuck the Hemming firm!!

  10. This is disappointing to hear . I respect what you guys do and this just makes me question how legit every auditor is on YouTube and also have to question why it took a falling out with HDCW for you to expose him vs as soon as you found out 😕

  11. I did not hear any one tell you or anyone to call the cops one guy said that he called out to the black lady man you guys have got to stop all this it's just helping the cops and all the people you say you are standing against look I get it they did some thing so wrong to you now you have to get back at them right will I am a black person now think about all the wrong done to us yet every one thinks we should just let it go so then why can't you. You can't see it now because your so dam mad but when you look back in time and you see that this was just a huge waits of time

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