34 thoughts on “Here’s your morning inspiration to work harder! Literally everything you own! #shorts

  1. Tbh I went to shoppers today with my lady friend and as I was geting 4 cases of each pepsi / coka cola this elderly lady had some trouble picking up 4 cases so I asked her if she would like some help and I helped her put them in her buggy then as I went to put my own in my car I went over to her car first and put them in her trunk

  2. I'm sorry, man! This does not inspire me to work harder. What self-respecting intelligent person would be motivated to work even harder to have to end up giving even more to the tyrannical thieves? I mean, really?!? That's sadistic, man.

  3. I actually like paying taxes and believe in the concept of collectively funding things we use together (i.e. roads). Taxes buy a civilization, and that’s a good thing. My objection is to HOW we spend tax dollars, that most taxes are regressive, and that most tax laws favor the very rich and corporations. But taxes in and of themselves are something I believe in and feel proud to contribute to. If you hate the very idea of taxes, go live in a third world country for three months and see how you feel about no infrastructure, no garbage collection, dead animals in the road, poor sanitation, kids with no schooling, no building standards, etc and the impact of those ills on society.

  4. We pay a 100 and something taxes to the Pope like car tags. Drag queen of England took all our gold out of fort Knox with our military support. Bankers finance both sides of wars making sure poor people kill one another while trying out new weapons that they invented while putting us in an inescapable debt for 200 or 300 years to pay off or NEVER, while also laundering drug money from the drugs they ship via cia… We have no government only genocidal – maniacs, drug – pushers as slave – masters…

  5. What I find most interesting about the core concept of government is,

    Despite the fact that there isn’t a SINGLE person alive today who has EXPLICITLY agreed to or contractually signed/approved of ANY or ALL of the terms laid out in the Constitution


    That there isn’t a SINGLE person (outside of government) that has EXPLICITLY consented to OR swore an to oath uphold, defend and abide by ANY of the “rules” OR accept ANY of the terms of “services” provided by government,

    It seems that ONLY government officials are either exempted or granted “immunity” from having to abide by many of these “rules” and “terms”


    that EVERYONE ELSE (outside of government) seem to be the “only” people subjected to these “rules” and “terms”…

    Very odd…🤔

  6. Death and Taxes
    I get it
    But what's the alternative?
    No government
    The problem is not taxes it's how the government treats it's citizens.
    Taxes are not in themselves evil.
    They are a means that society pools it's resources for the betterment of all.

  7. We don't own anything. We pay the government for the privileged of the illusion of owning our property. If you fail to pay for that privilege the government will send its armed agents to take that property from you and throw you in jail. Now get out there and work so you can pay your friendly government overlords.

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