21 thoughts on “Growing Number Of Pending Coronavirus Cases In US

  1. Why is every news outlet saying the same thing?!?!? The virus is spreading "fairly" easily. Or the virus has spread to over 24 countries,"map of red spread all over to show you it's out of control " then the end, "but the u.s has nothing to worry about " wake up yall these schools, clinics hospitals gyms, work offices warehouses like it's not Chinese people once it spreads.

  2. Back off the USA, corona!!! We kill it! We fight it! How to prepare and fight? Pray first. We curse the virus to die and bless the people to heal. Take Vit C, green juices, citrus fruits, Mullein, staghorn, etc, to strengthen the immune system. Smashed garlic, onions, and honey, turmeric, colloidal silver, sodium chlorite 80%, etc, to kill the virus. Wash hands, gloves, masks, avoid agglomerations to prevent contamination. Don't touch your face. We curse the virus to die and bless the people to heal. We
    fight!!! We win!!! Back off corona!!! China, don't give it up, we're praying
    for you. Love.

  3. This is just the start of a potential Epidemic in the US. Mark my words, in the next few days, give it about a week or 2 and the US will begin getting large cases and widespread panic…

  4. Still pretty calm in the U.S. Tom nothing to see here.

    Meanwhile China quarantines another 21 million people bring the total to over 80 million persons that are โ€œself quarantining themselvesโ€ aka prohibited from leaving their houses.

    Iโ€™m sure the numbers donโ€™t look bad now but wait until they start doing house calls and tally those dead up.

  5. Great, The CDC is ALREADY overwhelmed –just to test people. No surprise there. Yeah, we are really prepared. Can't trust government at any level. We already know this.

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