23 thoughts on “Gritty-Inspired Mummers Group Disqualified For Wearing Blackface

  1. Insulting for my people ( Moors ) to stupidly celebrate January 1 ( The Overthrown ) as a new year in the middle of winter. Sad. No worries because Donald Trump and his powerful Vice President with the red tie will take care of all of this. It does not matter if they are black faced because all of the crap will end in 5 years. All of this mess will be getting corrected.

  2. SOS. In every ethnic group there are those that ruin it for everybody. "Its our tradition", lol. They do however look far more attractive, philamorons.

  3. These people are just trying to get you upset about nothing.. and your dumb ass goes for it…the moment you stop giving them any attention… theyโ€™re gonna stop..!! But no youโ€™re just too easy to play with your brains.. some nobody painted his face black… and you guys havenโ€™t stopped shiting your panties yet..!!๐Ÿค”๐Ÿ™ˆ๐Ÿ‘€ You must feel dirty and used

  4. It doesn't even make sense to say that we wore black face because the parade was "Gritty" themed. Last I checked, Gritty's face is definitely orange. So…?

  5. Since when is what's right, one sided??? America has a bunch of blackmailed people on comment boards just saying anything for their blackmailers. It's no wonder no one found out about African Americans and other cultures skin whitening and wearing white face… I'm not insulted, I think it's a compliment. There are also alot of fake purple giving reviews. I actually give real reviews even if my social media and cell phones were compromised. Nothing fake over here. Since when do people just say what things are without the people being accused defending themselves verbally? There's only freedom of speech on here but not in real life. 218-216: should've known. I didn't ask for your help, I already knew you would manipulate my family to force them to take that help. Shouldn't you be satisfied with your position, oh yeah you have to keep it. I just got a phone call to invoke satanic witchcraft on me. Let's go see who they say they are…

  6. Look at these Two Fine upstanding Philadelphians.
    How long before SJWs Ban Black Jellybeans, Black Crayons and Black Pepper for being Racist

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