Your hearts and support are incredible. Please read the description below and watch the video as to your role and support of AWP today.

Initial Funds Needed: $4800
Current Donations: $21325

Thank you so much for your support. Blown away at the support… Any extra funds and donations will go towards furthering our efforts in helping families receive the answers they’re looking for. Thank you for all you do and your role with Adventures With Purpose.

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Here is the original description
Dan was editing a video from our trip from earlier this month, and after reviewing the footage, we missed the target we saw on the sonar and need to go back to help bring this family answers.

Can we say with 100% certainty that this is our Missing Person? No…

But what we can do is say that this area is now 100% confirmed for the family after we jump back in the water.

None coming out of the water.

The local Sheriff Dive Team searched it before we arrived and found nothing.

We missed the target ourselves.

But now know upon further review where it is.

We don’t have the time to drive from Oregon, but can jump a plane with limited dive gear on Tuesday, and locate this target on Wednesday once back in the water without any boat or sonar support.


We need plane tickets, car rental, lodging, food, fuel, baggage fees, and tank rentals. The total estimate needed $4800.

PayPal: https://paypal.me/MrLeisek
Venmo: @jaredleisek
CashApp: $jaredleisek
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Thank you all for your support in being part of the AWP team and in this journey to help families bring home their missing loved ones.

*Please note that at this time, we cannot announce where we are going, but will update everybody by Thursday as to our findings, if not sooner.

Thank You!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1AaetiOBD9A ** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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41 thoughts on “WE CAN’T DO THIS WITHOUT YOUR HELP – (Read Description)

  1. I know this was a year ago BUT… Jarod, as loNg as ur not charging the FAMILIES of the missing u recover & many u do ur best to try… I want u guys to make millions for yourselves & ur families to live from & get good educations or invest or whatever creative good works they want to do as well! I think u SHOULD CHARGE LE for your costs AT LEADT in addition! The world is a way better place w u guys in it so reward yourselves & live well. We know you’re putting it back into increasing your ability to bring answers to more families. Don’t feel guilty! Eat well dress well get the best of whatever it is u buy wisely! Take fantastic vacations, get great gifts for your wives & kids! We Love U. We see ALL THE GREATNESS YOU HAVE & are facilitating into training LE all over the world instilling change for the better & it’s surely saving lives & at least bringing light where there what’s been none. I’m unable to do a lot monetarily but I watch every video& like& comment & the membership u make easy to afford – thank you! & always praying for your safety & successful recoveries w safe travel & cohesive contact w LE agencies. It’s been exciting to see your success explode & im always saying I love u guys & im proud of u guys when I’m watching & I live vicariously through u. Your professional & high standard of ethics is flawless now & to say u lead by example is nowhere near enough good to say about you. Many are going to follow in your footsteps & The Lord is providing all this for you w much pleasure & delight. U are among one of the angels that walks on earth. Thank you, You’re a King, Jarod. Don’t listen to peasants !!!

  2. I'm ready to throw hands with ANYONE who upsets Jarod like this 🤬 Don't like him? Don't send him money, don't watch his videos, and most importantly f*ck off. He has done more good in one day than you losers have done in your entire life. What are you doing to help heartbroken families and lost loved ones? 🤔 Oh yeah, nothing. Just wasting time writing hateful BS comments to someone who is actually doing something meaningful while you continue to be a shit human being that no one wants around. 🤷‍♀️

  3. Jared please do not bring yourself down to these oxygen thieves level you and your AWP family are better than that. Take care of your selves watching Western Australia 🇦🇺

  4. Love you guys. I caught that miss too when watching the video. I thought searching the actual target was edited out because it was dove on and not what you were looking for. So glad to hear you're going back to look again. Thank you so much. ❤

  5. Thank you for your sacrifices for the sake of others. I appreciate your honesty and openness. Not everyone is willing to make the sacrifices that you have, and there is always a critic. It is very hard but there will always be people who have to say rude things, but you have people who stand behind and with you! Keep doing what you are doing. You have to survive and put food on your table and pay your bills in order to even be free to do these things. And you need equipment. Do we see any of these people out here doing what youre doing? They will learn real quick where you come from. Thank you for all you do!! Keep going and ignore the naysayers!!

  6. It totally sucks that you can do great things in the world and people want to cut you down and find anything they can to help them do that. Keep shining your light, you know in your heart what you’re doing is authentic. Continue to be you. ❤️❤️

  7. You're one of the fairest men out there, Jared. What you guys do as 'volunteers' to relieve suffering hearts is the very definition of humanity. How in the world could anyone judge you or scorn you? I want you to spend that money any way you want! You deserve so much more. You guys have a friend in me.

  8. I am just curious I have been watching your videos for a while. Have y’all released what case this is related to yet? I am just curious to if y’all have solved this old case yet.

  9. You guys are the best , you put your heart a souls in on helping these family's , I'll be praying for you all your families and the families you help God bless you all

  10. F the haters! They aren’t worth one ounce of your energy. Don’t let any of these ignorant, jealous cyber bullies cause you any distress. You’re an amazing human being! We love AWP. We love you Jared. You’re a very special soul. A gift from the Universe. We need more Jared’s on this planet! Keep keeping on and keep maintaining that balance which is absolutely critical in life. Love y’all and respect and admire your determination and dedication to helping others. A movement like AWP is exactly what the world needs right now. Peace to you all and your families 💜☮️

  11. You guys rock an yall are awesome an it great what you guys do keep on doing what u guys do an bringing that missing love one home an I watch every video that u guys put out I hope yall guys can work on ralph brown an Bing him home to his loved one maybe one day I could come hang out with u guys an work with yall on a missing loved one that has gone missing but anyways you guys are awesome

  12. This broke my heart. I have so much respect for y’all and the. Compassion y’all show. I know I’m late on commenting on this and hope u see this any way. Ur a Emotions you’re showing is so heart felt . These ppl that are na sayers wish they could only do what u do. They don’t have the heart. I wish I could afford to help financially. I’m a single mom of 6. Due to losing their father to mental illness. But what I can do is to keep viewing and hitting the like. I wish y’all could search for summer wells. There’s so many ppl blocking her being found. That’s how much faith I have in y’all’s ability. God bless u and I pray things Prosper for y’all to continue to help people

  13. You guy's are awesome, I watch you all the time I'm so happy I found your channel. It's soooo awesome you bring closure to these families and that's HUGE. My oldest brother was murdered back in 1975, both my parents are gone and I wish they could of gotten the closure they needed 😔 still don't have answers but your giving these family's closure and that's a blessing. Love you guys for what you do, you have no idea what this does and means to these families ❤ keep doing what you do, you are awesome!!

  14. oh wow i actually feel emotional with this video jarod bearing his soul
    things happen things get missed its life they do an amazing job all credit to Jarod Sam Dan Doug an all of AWP
    for people giving grief shut up if you can do better go and do instead of being a keyboard warrior your nothing but idiots
    Respect to all of AWP

  15. Hi Jared, I’m a fairly new subscriber and I binge a few videos at a time and love it. There will always be ignorant keyboard warriors who think they are the hero taking on the world one comment at a time. Don’t give them the satisfaction of taking up any head space, they don’t deserve it. Because you can not be successful until you have failed. Every successful person has failed at least once. It is your past that makes you the man you are today 💜🇦🇺

  16. You guys could cure cancer and there would still be "dicks" that would complain but what are they doing to help other peoples lives? You guys rock and are doing more than most people dream of doing to help others. I bet most of those "dicks" haven't lost a loved one and not known what has happened to them. Giving a conclusion to a family has more meaning than most will can understand unless they have gone through that situation.

    Head down, straight forward and continue on is the way to go and help others. Get someone to filter the comments….positive and honest constructive criticism should be read and all others should go to the trash heap and go to hell.

  17. I know this was 7 month but right now I need to give you a hug🤗 Do you realize with you helping the guys with your experience learning how to use sonar and bringing up cars!! For all you do!! You are the best!! And I’m so proud of you doing what you do! It’s all so important 💕💕💕 I’m the one who can’t give you money but I did get a shirt and a bracelet it helped a little. My husband and I are separated so that’s the reason I can’t give you money.. I love Adventures with Purpose💕

  18. Jared don't doughty y self you put lives at risk to find people and get closure for families I no you are upset coz I am watching you now and I can see you are upset about it upu just didn't see it on sonar .

  19. You guys are doing a wonderful job helping alot of families who are looking for their love ones that are missing out there and keep staying on the course and AWP is a awesome team that will always be there for you when you need answers

  20. Watching this video makes me so upset that people can be so ignorant in attacking you and what you do, I admire you and your crew, for those who are leaving nasty comments, would you be willing to do what these people are doing??? I doubt you will!!! So kindly sit down and shut up

  21. Jared these people sit home do nothing but try to bring people down to their level. Jared you know with your heart that you help so many families. People across the world, not just the USA but I'm in Canada and I love this show. These idiots are trying to get a reaction out of you. Don't give them any satisfaction. One day I pray never comes but they may need you too. Only then will they truely appreciate what you do. You give up alot of time with your (family, friends) life there for so many others. God sends his angels in all forms you, Sam, Doug, Dan and the whole crew are Angels to so so many family's don't ever let anyone belittle the great work you guys do and the closures you all bring to so many. Even if that person isn't found. To know " ok now I know they aren't there" that alone is comfortable. Comfort they didn't have before your and the gang got there. ADVENTURES WITH A PURPOSE should be on TV. Let TLC put on something worth watching. Even if it's merely pulling cars one show or two. So sad to see how much those trolls effected you, made me cry too. Please Jared know AWP is an honorable organization that helps so many.
    You have alot of people/followers behind you that will put out the trash for you so don't worry about them ok. Just keep doing what your doing. I'm sending your lots of love and hugs from Canada. I'm so sorry these people hurt your heart because it's a good heart ❤ God bless you guys always on your trips and rescues. 🇨🇦😇
    PS: tell Doug to shave his beard… hahaha
    Collect donations for it 😉
    Sorry off the topic but. The show Catfish, well Nev from that. He has a very hairy chest so he did a contest and in the end someone won the chest hair. People do this and want it. Do a contest, take bids and sell that fuzzy face haha clean shaving for Doug haha
    It will work trust me. YES, OK PEOPLE BIDS ON THE BEARD STARTING AT $100….( not me bidding just that is where it starts, I don't want his facial hair I don't like facial hair lol) ok viewers $ 100 …..so go……

  22. It’s a shame this video had to be done. Negative people are the ones who rock the boat (pun intended). They would be the first in line to ask you for help. You and your team have the kindness in your hearts to help others. I’m obsessed with your videos and the sacrifices you make. Negative people only think about themselves. Continue with the great work that your team does.

  23. I absolutely cannot stand people who don't understand what you do. It is so important the work you do is needed for the families involved. I sit back and I wish I could do what you do and could sit and donate and even be there because of the importance Of the work. What I can do is sit back Is sit back and watch and learn and enjoy what you do but I support it and I support you all. Why would we think that you are grand standing Jared you're not that's not you. I want to thank you so very much for all that you do. I will always follow and support you. I just want you to know that I will have my hand on your shoulder.

  24. There are and will always be Jealous, Ignorant dickheads out there, Jarod. It’s ok to get emotional but please brush it off and never lose any sleep over ignorant remarks. Hugs from Sunny Valley, Oregon

  25. Jared I just started watching AWP . Don't let these trolls get to you. There will always be someone one who will be negative towards you for what ever reason. I think you guys are fantastic it refreshing to actually seeing people who care about others in a world that's become so dark you guys are shining a bright light . Keep your heads up and keep up doing the fantastic work that your doing may god go with you my parys are with you.

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