UNDERWATER TARGETS IDENTIFIED (Day 6) Search for Former Mayor Ralph Brown Cold Case Documentary

The search for former mayor Ralph Brown cold case documentary of takes a hopeful turn when AWP receives new information while pulling a Stolen RX7 Sports Car Found Underwater (https://youtu.be/W_25A_y8ZZE)

A viewer stops by with information that they saw some skinny tire tracks shortly after Ralph went missing from Cornelius, Oregon, on May 16, 2021, in what may match Ralph’s 2014 Nissan Sentra.

This video documents our search upriver from Roger’s Landing.

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We were so hopeful we’d find Ralph this time when 4 targets popped up on our sonar to what appeared to be 2 trucks underwater along with 2 cars at a makeshift boat ramp.

Ralph suffers from dementia and has not had his memory or heart medication since he left his home.

Over 100 days have passed now since 76-year-old Ralph Brown went missing!

His daughter, Laurie Saunders, said during a news conference that she spoke with her father the night he went missing shortly after 9pm and that he wasn’t sure exactly where he was.

He told her he was “literally in the bushes,” and that he might be near a golf course, but couldn’t give her more specific details. He also asked if people were out looking for him.

She told him to wait for a call from his son, who was going to go out and find him, but Brown didn’t answer the phone after that. And nobody has been able to find him, even though hundreds of people out there helping with the search.

This series documents Adventures With Purpose’s multi-day search for Ralph.

Ep1 – https://youtu.be/g-egFj38rPA
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Ep7 – https://youtu.be/U9CaouVXTss (Out Now for Members)

Brown is 76 years old, about 5-foot-10, with white hair and blue eyes. He’s also missing the tip of his index finger.

His car is a dark blue, 2014 Nissan Sentra with Oregon plates.

Anyone who sees him or his car is asked to call the Washington County Sheriff’s Office at 503-629-0111

There have been a few sightings reported, but none were substantiated, said Daryle Brown, Ralph Brown’s son.

Daryle said his parents were in their home on May 16 when Brown stood up and said he was going to his “other house.”

Ralph has early-onset Alzheimer’s symptoms, which leads to confusion. He no longer has a driver’s license and has not driven a car in more than a year, Daryle said.

He drove away from the home in the 600 block of South 12th Avenue in Cornelius, Oregon.

There have been no location pings on his phone after 10:25pm that evening, and no communication from Brown in the time since he’s been missing.

There have also been no charges to his credit card.

More than 200 volunteers are still helping in the search, including former students, friends, and even strangers.

Do we feel this is a true crime with foul play or simply a missing persons cold case accident? In our opinion, there are no signs of foul play we are aware of.

Hug the ones you love for you never know when it might be the last time you see them.

We are humbled by the opportunity all of you have given us to help in the search for answers as to what happened to Ralph.

The AWP Movement would not be possible without your support, helping us travel the US offering our services for FREE to families searching for their lost loved ones… Thank you!

We’ll be hitting the road on Sept 17th for a 44-day cross-country road trip, working 27 Cold Cases, searching for 36 missing people.


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43 thoughts on “UNDERWATER TARGETS IDENTIFIED (Day 6) Search for Former Mayor Ralph Brown Cold Case Documentary

  1. As I continue watching your videos, it amazes me how many vehicles are in these bodies of water. It’s also kinda eerie to think of swimming where it’s become someone’s grave!! I wonder why the oil isn’t noticeable?

  2. Ok I love watching y’all you do an awesome job describing what you are doing, unlike some of the others! I have one thing I want to ask I know y’all are men and you can take your shirt off any time but, please don’t y’all are trying to be professional it is just tacky to go with out a shirt! Lol… thanks for all you do!

  3. One question so do you guys get like the other cars out of the lake or do you only get the person you're looking for because like in this video you found the first car pulled off a license plate and it wasn't it and moved on just wondering if you guys got that car later on

  4. Please add Josh to the crew! He is amazing! He’s literally saving lots of resources for you and would do incredibly well in shallow waters such as ponds!

  5. If a family member has Dementia, why are they still able to drive. Is it not common for a family member to live with or act as a Caregiver? 😳Or to sell their homes to buy into Assistance living? I am Australian which means nothing really, in Asian society the children look after sick relatives. 🥹Here in Australia we do look after our family who suffer Dementia until they get violent then into assisted living.💖💖🇦🇺

  6. I think what you do is wonderful it’s dangerous and you don’t mind to do it anyway. You mentioned that his cell phone pinged off a tower nearby where you at – have the police and volunteers combed every inch of the woods around that area to see if he might be there? He could’ve crashed his car but I’m thinking maybe he was carjacked killed and dumped in the woods there’s so many scenarios. In any case I wish you all the luck and I hope you find a man and bring him home to the family 🙏

  7. I have been watching you guys for about 3 weeks now, and this one is all I want to watch.
    I have learned so much from your group, and this show and what you do is unbelievable. Your miss from God, and the way He guides you with the Families is truly a Blessing. My prayers are with you and your families as they are home giving you the support. God Bless you.

  8. Josh is a bad ass. His cinematography is awesome and has it's own style like no other I've ever seen anywhere. Plus his fearlessness when he free dived on four different vehicles is amazing. That takes stamina, physical fitness, and balls of steel. Way to go Josh!!!! You will go far in life kid. Keep it up. Best wishes from Arkansas

  9. The blue car looks like an 80s color, blue/ grey…or could be a 60s color, depending in shape of front. Honda and toyota had grey blues with rounded chrome like siding.

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