The Case of Jeffery Pottinger | Mysterious 2009 Disappearance (ACCESS DENIED)

Jeffery Pottinger was last seen on Willard Avenue in Carlisle, Ohio on December 18, 2009, before he went missing. He left home at 2:00 p.m., driving his black 1997 Toyota Corolla with the Ohio license plate number BDP8389.

He stated he was going to think about some things…

Pottinger never returned and has never been heard from again, and his vehicle has never been located.

He left behind his medication and money.

Few details are available in his case.

This documentary brings you alongside Adventures With Purpose’s search for Jeffery in Carlisle, Ohio.

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Missing Since: 12/18/2009
Missing From: Carlisle, Ohio
Sex: Male
Race: White
Date of Birth: 02/10/1964 (58)
Age: 45 years old
Height and Weight: 5’10 – 6’0, 200 – 230 pounds

Medical Conditions
Pottinger suffers from bipolar disorder and may be suicidal. He also sustained a head injury shortly before his disappearance and was experiencing hallucinations as a result. He requires medication that he doesn’t have with him.

Associated Vehicle(s)
Black 1997 Toyota Corolla with the Ohio license plate number BDP8389

Distinguishing Characteristics
Caucasian male. Graying hair, brown/hazel eyes. Pottinger had neck surgery with implants not long before his disappearance.

Hug the ones you love for you never know when it might be the last time you see them.

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36 thoughts on “The Case of Jeffery Pottinger | Mysterious 2009 Disappearance (ACCESS DENIED)

  1. As always an amazing effort from the entire team! Jared always says we give answers. Keep looking! Yesterday I had the honor of meeting Jacob and Lindsay from Chaos Divers and Britain from Depths of History! I told Jacob I got lost on the way and asked for directions at an auto parts store and they saw me wearing my AWP hoodie and I asked if I was a team member because they had been on the news. I said no, but when Jacob heard this he said you’re a part of our team! My heart grew 20 times larger! When I left they all smiled and waved to me! AWP really is everyone. What a wonderful group of people!

  2. Too bad the cop from the first quarry didn't escort you to the second quarry because they were all game until they heard you're looking for a missing person & they don't want responsibilities or bad press or something it's easy to sign a liability paper something you said spooked him

  3. I understand the boat ramp theory for accidents people suffering from dementia Etc but suicide they could enter at any point there's access & if there's road driving along it they could just find an opening and drive over into the water

  4. These guys are heroes to me..they help people for free..who else would do this ..and they leave theirs family to come from state to state to help and fine loves ones that didn't know where theirs love one went.. adventures with purpose are Heroes very caring men bringing your loved ones home..
    Jared and Doug we love you guys ✨️💖✨️🙏✨️✌️✨️👍

  5. I honestly hope they get clearance to search that one area. The fact so many people have said "We believe he could be in this spot" says a lot. I hope the corporation sees your videos and all the good thag your organization is doing and grants access.

  6. August 27, 2022. Need I say MORE…..🙏👏🙏👏 Things are so drastically WOW. It’ll never be the same for AWP and people across the country who have, had and will have a missing loved one. I’m so emotional today as I watch this which was pretty recent, thinking about what Kiely Rodni has done for those same people who DO HAVE and WILL HAVE the deeply profound pain of loving the lost. And thanks to EquiSearch we know that “lost is not ALONE”. Jared you are so much like my kooky, ADD & silly adult kids! I also know those characteristics I so love in my kids and the familiarity I feel “around you” so to speak, are those that are EARNED though having survived some struggle. I recall one video where you got emotional addressing the trolls. THAT is the mark of a STRONG MAN. Love all of you guys.

  7. The relentlessness to do the impossible makes it possible. Whoa Doug I was so impressed with that statement I had to go back and play it again. I am going to use it on my kids. I’m going to call it Doug’s Rule. If you have more then I will number them. Thank you 🙏

  8. Listen here fellas my Corporate is Co$%%^Rs and They trained me to be a Co$^&##R and I'm a goodun
    Hopefully Mr Skippy never needs anyoneto go someplace posted to save one of his kids

  9. It’s too bad they were denied but it was also a testament of how honorable AWP is. Ian joked that the gate wasn’t locked & they could’ve let themselves in. However, Jarod commented about knowing he could’ve but wanted to be sure to go through the proper channels. So many other YouTube investigative type channels would’ve let themselves in. AWP has set the standards for this movement!! No matter who you are, if you’re helping this movement, please follow how AWP handles things. As soon as someone stops doing searching for free, turns it into a TV show, or disrespects authority, everything will change & eventually end!!

  10. See if someone on the worldwide team can make you a drone/boat hybrid with a sonar and check those ponds anyway! It would be a very useful tool in many situations, I would think!

  11. Im becoming such a fan of yours the more and More I watch you. Found you through Nerd report originally and im so glad I found you. Just horrible what these cops did to you here too. Like they don’t want to be bothered so they leave it knowing he’s likely in there? Isn’t that illegal? Why don’t the officers care. I mean. It’s just so sad. They are keeping this poor family from grieving and having closure. I hope your able to get back there

  12. That Ian guy kinda made me mad you guys are doing a job and I get they have protocols but God forbid you would drown. You guys were nicer then I would be. God Bless everyone of you. 💜

  13. Amazing how they open the gate up and are ready to let you on the property full bore to sonar and dive and as soon as you mentioned suicidal depression the jerk went into we need a realease hold harmless in case professional divers driving a dingy on a pond for 15 minutes. Take one phone call. The gate wasn't locked. I would have gotten PD out there and had a judge ask for a warrant. If he is in there. Get ready to have your hold harmless
    attitude cost you millions. UNLOCKED GATE. BS

  14. As soon as Jarred mentioned a possible crime scene to the quarry guy, he shut you down. I don't think it had anything to do with liability. He was about to let you in no questions asked before that.

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