Alaska State Troopers S4 E11: Meth Dealer Manhunt

Whether it’s tracking down drug dealers who have fled on foot, protecting wildlife from greedy, armed hunters, or going undercover to bust illegal fishermen, Alaska’s finest must use their skills, wit, and guts to bring suspects to justice.


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44 thoughts on “Alaska State Troopers S4 E11: Meth Dealer Manhunt

  1. I love the way these cops act. I hate the fact there's idiots out there willing to try to kill them just for doing their job. The way they donate meat they seize and treat people with respect makes me so mad that people can't treat them with the same respect.

  2. That poor girl being abused by her boyfriend and the Trooper really didn't care about it. Provide her at least some help as she is in full panic mode and maybe even not sure about her life because of that loser. Hope she's doing fine but I guess she has much problems in her life cause of him.

  3. "Can't a guy get some peace? Here I am sittin' at home minding my own business shavin' my cat, Next thing the cat police arrive! Man!!!"

  4. those local families in need live on way bigger properties than most folks I know (who do well) and even get moose delivered house free, lol. those really in need get tucked away in jail. the troopers are great, but the system seems flawed. putting ppl away eases the symptoms, but it won't get rid of the alcohol and violence problems. it's unbelievable how many wretched souls there are in this show. I think overall Alaska could do with a bit less gun-ho and a bit more cultural activities, theatres, cinemas, public baths, whatever: stuff that doesnt make drinking yourself to death the only option to avoid fatal boredom. Just look at Bethel.

  5. I’ve locked myself in my trailer for the past two days and refuse to do anything else but watching Alaska state troopers
    Please don’t send help

  6. The drunk guy rand the cops because his jail in his head with being alone, is much worse than real jail and attention, good attention or bad, it's still attention, poor guy, this poor mans story is much deeper than what you see❤️

  7. That’s 2x moose you’ve given the same person in the wheelchair,,yeah yeah help him out but help the poor out too it’s clear he’s got money

  8. Tuna Free Dolphin Meat

    1 second ago

    I usually avoid these types of shows, but this series is well-produced, narrated, edited and has a fly-on-the-wall/ embedded-type approach that gives a great feel for what the Troopers deal with on a daily basis. Also, there is the wildlife and some terrific scenery plus lots of drunks and Elmer Fudds to laugh at.

  9. Why on earth the troopers have no satellite phones in Alaska? Being in the middle of nowhere without any cell coverage is truly an occupational hazard.

  10. "people" like that dangerous drugsdealer should be locked up for life.
    O, and salmon fishing should be illegal, exept for locals with a family to feed.

  11. And that young lady is why you never call or talk to police. They are only interested in making arrests, that’s the priority of their training too, learning arrest law. American system is so screwed up…and American people so brainwashed to actually believe they live in a great nation of freedom and rights.

  12. That dealers girlfriend is some actress…..good thing she's finally on paper,so she can't pull the innocent act anymore. I'll bet the boyfriend will not he,p her out one bit.

  13. I really respect Alaska's police, based on how much they look out for the wildlife. They're actually out there catching poachers even in remote and dangerous areas. If all areas in the world were protected like this the planet would be in a much better state.

  14. Poor lady needs help and you are there to protect and serve your master. She needs medical help, now! But no you are there to take and get a promotion from the old world order. Protect and serve the Constitution, you took an oath. This is exactly why folks hate cops. You are treating her like she is less than an animal, shame on you!

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